Carrie Underwood Raises Her Hand After Kevin Costner Asks ‘Who’s Ready’ for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

by Halle Ames

Carrie Underwood gets in a long line of fans ready for Yellowstone season four to finally air on Paramount. Boy, do we have a long way to go, though.

Last night Kevin Costner posted from his Twitter account, Kevin Costner & MW, a photo of our beloved John Dutton. John looks over his massive Yellowstone ranch while sporting his iconic cowboy hat. 

Costner asks the most important question you will hear today. 

“Who’s ready to get back to the ranch?”

Carrie Underwood wastes no time commenting an emoji of someone raising their hand. 

Short. Sweet. To the point. We love it, Carrie, but get in line. 

Carrie Underwood in Shock at Season 3 Finale

Carrie Underwood has voiced her love for the show in the past. 

When we watched the final episode of season three of Yellowstone, you could say we freaked out a little bit. A nearby pillow took a beating and heard some screams.

Carrie Underwood also was up in arms. She sent out a tweet in utter shock that Kayce, John, and Beth Dutton all could potentially be dead. She is more in disbelief that she now has to wait until June of 2021 to see what happens. 

“Well, crap, @Yellowstone. Y’all are gonna play us all like that?!”

We feel that on a personal level, ours may have been a bit more colorfully worded. 

Roped Herself a ‘Cowboy’

The 37-year-old Oklahoma native is a cowgirl down to her roots, so naturally, she found herself a cowboy to match her lifestyle. Although she didn’t find him on a ranch or in a field, she found him on ice. 

Carrie Underwood married Canadian NHL star Mike Fisher. In a TikTok video that Carrie posted, she shows off her boot-wearing, cowboy hat rocking hubby. She even puts the video in slow motion and plays the Yellowstone theme song as the couple vacations in Wyoming. 

Carrie comments that she may have a bad*ss cowboy herself. She also posts a video of the two on horseback during a cattle drive. 

“#Wyoming Pretty sure Mike thinks he’s Rip. #Yellowstone.”


#Wyoming Pretty sure Mike thinks he’s Rip. #Yellowstone

♬ Yellowstone Theme – Brian Tyler

Boy, wouldn’t that be a treat? A cowboy and an NHL star all in one! 

But, as for right now, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher may need to hang up the cowboy hats because we still have several months to go. While we wait, check out the latest on Yellowstone Season 4.