Cole Hauser Declares ‘Yellowstone’ Fans the ‘Most Loyal’ Ahead of Season 4 Premiere

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser finally got his own character teaser for the upcoming Season 4, which drops TONIGHT at 8 p.m EST on the Paramount Network.

Fans have waited for over a year and a half to find out what happens to the Dutton family next. Although Hauser’s character, Rip Wheeler, isn’t a direct member of the family, he still plays a key role in the show. And he’s a certifiable fan favorite.

Hauser gave a shoutout to “Yellowstone” fans earlier today when he posted the new teaser on his Instagram page. The teaser itself shows Rip staring ominously at the camera from underneath his cowboy hat. The text over the image reads, “Don’t you die on me. Not like this.”

We know this quote refers to John Dutton, the man who essentially became Rip’s adopted father. At the end of Season 3, John’s bleeding out on the side of the road after getting shot. A bunch of crows starts circling overhead, and Rip notices these crows while he’s out on the ranch. That’s all we see in Season 3, but the “Yellowstone” Season 4 trailer shows Rip running up to John on the side of the road and saying those exact words.

But fans had to wait for ages to hear confirmation that somebody would find John before he bled out. Now, Hauser’s thanking the fans for their steady dedication to the show and its cast.

“Thank you for being the most loyal fans on Tv. Hope you enjoy the season!  @yellowstone  @paramountnetwork,” Hauser wrote in his caption.

Fellow “Yellowstone” co-star Jefferson White even commented on Hauser’s post. “Make ‘em hurt, boss!!” White wrote. That can only be a clue that Rip will take solid revenge against the people who attacked the Duttons.

‘Yellowstone’ Hosts Mini Q&A With Cast About Season 4

Earlier today, the official “Yellowstone” Twitter account posted a series of short videos featuring the cast members. The showrunners asked each of the actors to give a short sentence describing “what we can expect” from each character this season.

First up was Cole Hauser, AKA Rip Wheeler. It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that Hauser said, “Some people are gonna get f—–d up.” We know Rip’ll be on the warpath as soon as he hears what happened to the Duttons.

And the rest of the ranch hands won’t be far behind him. Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan, said his character will be the “stirrer of all pots.” He also said fans could expect “a little bit of menace while keeping his loyalty” from Ryan.

Brecken Merrill, meanwhile, revealed what to expect from his character, Tate. “I eat a lot of bacon, I grow like four inches, and I graduate from snake killing.” Could this mean that young Tate will kill a person this season?