Could ‘Yellowstone’ Be Dropping Another Trailer Labor Day Weekend?

by Lauren Boisvert

Once again, there’s a Yellowstone marathon on our doorstep. Usually, around major holidays like July 4th and Labor Day, Paramount airs every episode of Yellowstone in a massive marathon; with the show clocking in at 3 seasons now, this is the perfect long weekend activity for any Yellowstone fan.

This upcoming marathon, airing at 12 pm ET on Saturday, comes at an opportune time: season 4 premieres on November 7; this is a great opportunity to bring new fans into the fold, or for old fans to remember their favorite moments.

But what about the new season? Could this marathon mean another season 4 trailer on the horizon?

Season 4 Trailers: Literal, or Artsy Imagery?

Fans have had to find solace in little nuggets of teaser trailers for the past few weeks, and there has been plenty of speculation as to what those teasers mean.

One teaser features an aerial view of a creek, where an unseen person gets shot. A wide-brimmed white hat floats down the creek, followed by a fair amount of blood in the current. Another features a group of running horses, the last horse dragging a body behind it.

We’ve speculated before on what these trailers could mean, if they should be taken literally, or if they’re just artsy images representing the 4th season. Some fans have chosen to take the trailers literally; it’s possible that Walker and Rip could meet their ends in the new season. At least, judging by the style of hats featured in the trailers. At other times, fans are speculating there’s something symbolic going on; for example, horses represent wisdom and power, so, one dragging a body behind it could represent the loss of that wisdom and power.

Currently, things are all up to interpretation when it comes to the teaser trailers. They’re short, only about 30 seconds long, so there’s not much to go on; at least, as far as actual season 4 content is concerned. Everything is speculation and inference as to the Duttons’ fates as they stand at the end of season 3.

The Future of ‘Yellowstone’

With prequel series 1883 in production, and a rumored spinoff focusing on the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas, it seems Paramount won’t be leaving the Yellowstone universe any time soon. Yellowstone is the network’s biggest draw, and it seems like they want to keep that interest going for a long time. As long as they keep Taylor Sheridan creating his vast worlds and multifaceted characters, they’ll be fine.

1883 follows the Duttons before they the ranch; in this Wild West prequel, the founding Duttons travel from Texas to Montana, facing perils along the way, until they reach the land they eventually turn into the ranch.

As far as the rumored 6666 series goes, it is unclear who will star, but there’s some speculation that Walker and Jimmy might leave the Duttons and go to Texas. In a Paramount press release, according to Parade, the spinoff ranch was described as “synonymous with the merciless endeavor to raise the finest horses and livestock in the world, and ultimately where world-class cowboys are born and made.”