Eight-Year-Old Shows Off Ranching Skills That ’Yellowstone’s John Dutton Would Be Proud Of

by Jon D. B.

You’ve got to see this photo, “Yellowstone” fans. “This calf is more important than being to school on time, mom!” is a sentiment John Dutton would absolutely agree with.

What’s a cowboy to do when a tiny calf goes rogue one Wednesday morning? Make her his priority, of course! Such is the case for the 8-year-old son of Sutton Rodeo Inc.’s owners. Posting to their Facebook, the rodeo lets followers in on the priceless events of their “brisk” April 21 morning.

“Missing 8 yr old from the 7:30am school bus (mom’s car service) honking, running, scolding for making us late…” the mom begins, setting the scene. Clearly her son has more important thing’s to do than be on time for her shuttle service to school! Once she confronts her tiny cowboy, however, she gets the answer of a lifetime:

“Mom there was a calf in the yard and I couldn’t get him headed back to the barn! I was tying him up when you started honking for me to come to the car, I didn’t want him to wander further away from his mom!” the 8-year-old replied in earnest. Priorities, mom!

But it gets better. The 8-year-old’s father managed to snap a photo of their son’s “Yellowstone”-esque “ingenuity” – and it is absolutely priceless.

“The laughter when I called my husband to assess the situation when he came back from feeding…. a little 2nd grade ingenuity on this brisk morning…,” mom ends the post.

Outsider.com presents to you, the priceless fruits of one tiny Outsider’s labors:

Missing 8 yr old from the 7:30am school bus (mom’s car service) honking, running, scolding for making us late… “Mom…

Posted by Sutton Rodeo Inc. on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Tiny Cowboy Makes ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Proud

Take note, Taylor Sheridan: this is absolutely a Tate Dutton scene that needs to transpire before Brecken Merrill grows up on us!

The father’s photo show’s his tiny cowboy has managed to tie this adorable rogue, midnight-black calf up close to his own mom so he wouldn’t wander off. If that’s not a future (hopefully less murderous) John Dutton in the making, then we don’t know who is!

Facebook user Jordie agrees, responding that “As a 2nd grade teacher, this is 100% an acceptable reason to be late to school! Lol and probably deserves extra credit in science or something for problem solving!”

Extra credit is absolutely in order. Well done, tiny cowboy. Well done! Though, we do hope your parents wait a while to show you “Yellowstone” for yourself.