Is ‘Yellowstone’ Going to Welcome ‘Babies’ in Season 4?

by Jon D. B.

The facts: Yellowstone cast “twin babies, ages 0-6 months” in early shoots for Season 4. Are the Duttons in store for a baby-sized shake-up?

Right off the bat, let’s set this in stone: KidsCasting did, in fact, post a call for “Caucasian twins” for Yellowstone Season 4. The casting call, which you can see here courtesy of Redditors, reads as follows:

“Caucasian twins can be boy or girl ages 0-6 months.”

This has led to shockingly-little press, too. For the most part, this revelation has only been discussed over on Reddit’s active Yellowstone board, where the topic has come up every-so-often over the past year since its discovery. But it remains a bombshell regardless.

Several possibilities ebb from this casting. Let’s dive in.

Is ‘Yellowstone‘ Introducing a Baby – or Babies – in Season 4?

As Redditor fenbaldwin replies to the original reveal, “Wow, interesting! I wonder if that’s Christina’s baby? It seemed like the writers dropped that storyline or just forgot about it.”

This is, undoubtedly, the first and most speculated answer. Fans have long been asking for clarity here, as the storyline was simply dropped after Christina’s exit from the show. Could Christina’s baby – or twins – finally show up in Season 4?

The timing would be right, as Christina’s pregnancy reveal came in late Season 2. Add on a 9-month term and a 0-6 month old baby would be the perfect age for the amount of time that passed in Season 3 in her absence.

Yet it’s important to note that twin babies are often cast in the entertainment industry to play a single part. If one wean is fussy, their twin can be brought in – and vice-versa. It’s one way to increase efficiency for the cast and crew. So Christina could have Jamie’s twins, sure, but this casting call could also be for a single part.

All of this, however, may be pure fantasizing on fan’s parts. There’s another far less exciting option on the table, too. As fenbaldwin continues: “This baby might also be a part of a flashback too. It could be Jamie as an infant.”

New Blood…Or Flashback?

As Yellowstone ramps up for its Season 4 return, fans are discussing this casting call once more. Redditor iheartsev highlights another important aspect within the recent speculation, noting:

“The babies are only cast for a 3-day shoot, meaning we’ll meet the new baby in only 1 or 2 brief scenes. I feel pretty confident that we’re about to meet Jaime’s new baby in season 4!”

Yet as u/Kokopatti2320 reminds us: “It has been said there would be many flashbacks backs in season 4 maybe just a flashback of Jamie as an infant.”

Either outcome will lead to intense storytelling, to be sure. Yellowstone returns for Season 4 on Sunday, November 7 via Paramount Network.