This ‘Yellowstone’ Viewer Ripping the Duttons Better Hope Rip Wheeler Doesn’t See It

by Thad Mitchell

The highly anticipated fourth season of “Yellowstone” is up and running and has drawn mostly positive reviews from fans.

While most “Yellowstone” fans have given the thumbs up to the new season, some are growing flustered with the slow pacing. The biggest gripe that some fans have is that no one from the Dutton family perished in the season three attack. Fans also worry that the show will drag out its important and pressing question — who attacks the Duttons? We know all three Dutton involved in the attack have survived but we are nowhere near the truth of just who is behind it. Three episodes into the fourth season and some “Yellowstone” are hoping their favorite show doesn’t drag it out too much longer. Should that happen, the show could be a risk that some watchers may ponder a channel change.

A couple of “Yellowstone” fans are downright angry about how the fourth season has gone so far. One angry watcher took to Reddit to air out his grievances against the fourth season. The fan makes some solid points but other points seem a little far-fetched.

“This show is possibly the worst written show on television,” the “Yellowstone” viewer says.

This particular fan then goes on to list several bulleted points on why this season is underperforming.

“The ‘heroes’ of this show own more land than any human could ever fully use, and they don’t use 99% of it,” the individual says of the Dutton family. “They’re all above the law. This year they kidnapped an orphan from a hospital and are making him work hard labor and sleep in a barn. I’m pretty sure hiring someone from a prison and then branding them for life as your employee and not allowing them to leave is slavery.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Respond to Disgruntled Viewer

Despite this person’s thoughts and opinion on “Yellowstone,” they say they will continue watching.

I will continue to hate-watch this show because it is staggering to me that a show written this poorly has been cast, shot and generally produced so well,” the viewer says.

Fellow Redditors had plenty to say in response to this individual and their complaints.

“Uh, I think you are taking this “television show” much too seriously,” another Redditor says. “Maybe run worry about some real-world problems.”

“While I don’t disagree there are some holes in the writing, I wouldn’t read too much into it,” another “Yellowstone” fan says. “With this level of critique, there wouldn’t be any show in the TV universe worth watching. Personally, I find it one of the best shows on TV right now.”

“Yellowstone” fans seem to agree with that last statement as the season premiere saw 8 million people tune in. We eagerly await the next episode which will arrive this weekend.