WATCH: Yellowstone Shares Ominous Clip with Custom Remix of ‘Silent Night’

by Jon D. B.

Just when you thought the Yellowstone production team couldn’t get more creative, they go and record a disturbingly perfect, show-themed rendition of “Silent Night”, complete with music video.

Yes, you read that right.

“It’s rarely silent on the Yellowstone ranch,” their official Twitter prefaces the clip. Within their post, Yellowstone posts a montage of some of the show’s darkest moments – both literally and figuratively. To accompany, they’ve commissioned a murderous, Yellowstone-themed rendition of Christmas classic “Silent Night.” And it’s phenomenal.

Outside of this, however, no context is given. At all. We don’t even know who’s beautiful voice is singing the hysterical lyrics.

Instead, they let this brilliant bit of marketing speak for itself. It’s so good, we hesitate to label it as “marketing”, too. The show’s production team knows how to have fun with the show – and how to use its own perfect brand of dark humor for fan’s enjoyment while we wait for Season 4.

The lyrics for Yellowstone‘s own “Silent Night” are as follows…

Silent night
Deadly night
All’s not calm
All’s not right…

Round thy foes
to the train station
Send them on a
Long black vacation…

Sleep in a ditch in Wyoming…
Sleep in a ditch… in Wyoming…

Please Enjoy… Yellowstone’s “Silent Night”

Without further ado, please treat your eyes and ears to Yellowstone‘s own “Silent Night”, and proceed to love the show even more than you already did:

The clip comes, no doubt, as further preparation for Paramount Network’s “Every Yellowstone Episode Celebration”.

That’s right! “It’s marathon time!” declares Yellowstone‘s official Twitter in a tweet just before their “Silent Night” rendition. Starting this Saturday, Paramount Network says it’s giving fans “the gift of Yellowstone”.

While viewers have typically had to pay for streaming rights to watch Yellowstone on either Paramount Network or (more recently) Peacock, the show’s home studio is offering for fans to “enjoy all three seasons from the beginning,” their exciting promo states.

Now, we can all “spend the holidays with the Duttons” thanks to “The Every Yellowstone Episode Celebration” which starts Saturday at 9AM/8c on Paramount Network – free of charge! The Duttons in addition to presents? Count us in!

“Binge all three seasons of #YellowstoneTV beginning this Saturday, December 26 at 9am/8c,” the show’s official Twitter confirms with the aforementioned promo video.

Responding with a classic Yellowstone moment to the announcement is none other than Kevin Costner. Check out his response, and more from our favorite show right here on