WATCH: ‘Yellowstone’ Stars Do Their Best John Dutton Impression

by Jon D. B.

“No one has mastered brooding by the fire better than John Dutton.” Watch as Yellowstone’s Bunkhouse Boys give their best brood.

Jefferson White. Denim Richards. Ian Bohen. They are the few. The proud. The Bunkhouse Boys. But to Yellowstone fans, they’re Jimmy, Colby, and Ryan.

We haven’t seen too much of Colby and Ryan so far for Season 4, but Jimmy has been on full display. Or, his banishment from the Dutton Ranch has been, rather. And come to think of it, the saddest part of losing Jimmy on Yellowstone will be no longer seeing Jefferson White in these hysterical behind-the-scenes reels.

The show’s latest is a testament to this. Watch as all three gents go head-first into their best John Dutton impression. Not one of them utters a single word, either. And that’s what makes it perfect. As Yellowstone says: “No one has mastered brooding by the fire better than John Dutton.”

Brooding is a fine art. It’s one of emotional silence, not words. Which is exactly why these three nail it. Each actor offers up a steely gaze, but it’s Ryan’s Ian Bohen that gets Kevin Costner right: all intensity, no thought. White and Richards, however, can’t help but hold back a smirk as they impersonate the legend.

Their reference shot comes from the opening throws of Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 3: “All I See Is You.” In the scene, John Dutton contemplates by the fire as his henchmen (see: Kayce, Rip, and Lloyd) take out the trash. That trash? The remaining militia that attempted to murder the Dutton family. This brings the score to a good dozen for John, and zero for whoever wants him and his kin dead.

‘Yellowstone’: Who’s Trying to Murder John Dutton?

But who’s the culprit? Before Season 4 hit, many fans pinned the donkey tail on Jamie Dutton. But so far, it doesn’t feel like the greasy adopted son is to blame. In fact, “All I See Is You” threw us a curveball after all of John’s brooding.

In Yellowstone S4, Ep3, “All I See Is You” – we meet another mysterious character in the form of a mugshot. This mean-looking SOB is the one responsible for sending the order to have the Duttons assassinated (so we’re told). And he did so from his prison cell. The kicker? John Dutton has no idea who this man is. We don’t, either.

What we do know, however, comes courtesy of Mo. As Thomas Rainwater’s righthand man reveals, the hard-looking convict is “in state prison, in Deer Lodge,” a city in Montana. This, alongside his mugshot, is all the information the episode gives us.

This mystery character is played by actor Bruno Amato. Outside of this, only one thing is certain: Amato’s convict is set to bring a whole lot more brooding to Yellowstone courtesy of one John Dutton.