Why ‘Yellowstone’ Star Wes Bentley Doesn’t ‘Always Realize’ How Big the Show Is

by Jennifer Shea

By the end of Season 3, “Yellowstone” was the No. 1 drama on cable. Still, for some of the show’s stars, its popularity has been a little startling.

For the actors who star in it, “Yellowstone” has seeped into even the most mundane, everyday errands. And while some of them are more insulated from the online buzz than others, no one is immune.

Take Jamie Dutton actor Wes Bentley, for example. He stays off the Internet and has no social media presence. So he didn’t fully appreciate how popular “Yellowstone” had become until he set foot in a store and was instantly recognized.

“I wrapped around Halloween last year, but I don’t have any social media presence. And we were in a pandemic, so I wasn’t seeing anybody,” Bentley told Channel Guide magazine recently. “But the first store I went into after I got vaccinated, I went into Bed Bath & Beyond. I had my mask on, and I had sunglasses on. But somehow someone, they recognized me and asked what the heck is going on with our show.”

“That was my one interaction in the real world,” he added. “And it was about ‘Yellowstone,’ so that made me realize how prevalent it is. Because I’m not online [or on social media], so I don’t always realize how big the show is.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Teases Season 4 Premiere

Meanwhile, the show’s many fans are at the edge of their seats waiting for the Season 4 premiere. It’s been a long wait. And “Yellowstone” has been ratcheting up the suspense with a series of teasers and trailers leading up to the big premiere.

In recent comments to Decider, Bentley cautioned that the two-hour premiere itself may not resolve every lingering question. But it gets audiences started down the road to answers, he said.

“It’s intense, it’s wild, it’s dangerous,” Bentley said of the premiere. “You don’t learn everything, but you get a sense of where everyone’s at pretty quickly and a sense of what they think happened or what might have happened.”

Bentley’s Mom Keeps Him Up to Speed

As for the show’s legions of online fans, Bentley said that while he doesn’t go online himself, his mother keeps him up to speed on what the fans have to say.

“I love fanfiction and fans guessing. I don’t go online. But I get told these things literally on the phone with my mom,” Bentley told Entertainment Weekly. “I love that, and you know, fans get involved and have theories and we’re going to have a lot of fun with it.”

After Season 4 premieres, looks like Bentley will be due for some marathon phone chats with mom.