Wild ‘Yellowstone’ Theory Suggests Kayce Is Basically a Ghost

by Thad Mitchell

A new season of “Yellowstone” is up and running and fans simply cannot stop talking about that wild season premiere.

Despite officially being two episodes deep into the fourth season, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the Dutton Ranch. Much as they did during the offseason, “Yellowstone” fans came up with theories on how the new season will play out. A wild theory thrown out there involves Kayce Dutton and his status moving forward. The theory suggests that Kayce is dead and now just a figment of John Dutton’s imagination. It sounds crazy at first, but when you dig into it a little bit — it may not be as far-fetched as it seems. Let’s take a look at Kayce’s role in the “Yellowstone” season four premiere.

With regards to Kayce, we pick up right where we left off in the third “Yellowstone” season. With gunmen advancing on his office, Kayce barricades himself behind a desk and survives the initial onslaught. As he gives chase to the attackers, he is notified by Rip Wheeler that his father, John Dutton, has been shot several times. Kayce and a team of law enforcement agents give chase and track down the van full of assailants. A massive shootout ensues with Kayce taking on the point position. They are able to overtake the attackers as they flee. The last image of the attack we see, however, is Kayce being shot and falling to his knees. Officers call for help as Kayce lies on the ground in pain. We do not see him die on camera. While most assume that he lives, others aren’t so sure and there is evidence they could be right. The theory states that Kayce died in the shootout and his father is simply imagining him.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think Kayce Dutton Could Be Dead

The next time we see Kayce Dutton at the “Yellowstone” Ranch, he is decked out in camo. He approaches the main house where his father greets him and only his father. After a short conversation, Kayce retreats back into his sniping position.

We then see Kayce track John down to a hot spring where his father, and no one, is soaking. They have a conversation in which Kayce states that he thinks the militia is behind the attack. They come up with a battle plan that involves wiping this militia from the face of the earth.

While this theory may or may not hold water – Kayce does talk to Rip in the scene with Travis (portrayed by show creator Taylor Sheridan), and Rip responds. Nevertheless, we’re all for insane fan theories to hold us over from week to week.

The first rule of being a “Yellowstone” watcher is to expect the unexpected. This theory would certainly fall into the unexpected category if it turns out to be true.

We’ll learn more as the fourth season of “Yellowstone” dives deep in future episodes.