‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does the Season 4 Trailer Reveal Clue Angela Blue Thunder is Behind the Dutton Family Attacks?

by Lauren Boisvert

The Yellowstone season 3 finale saw the Duttons gunned down. John, Kayce, and Beth all shared similar fates in the episode, but what is leaving fans baffled is who orchestrated the attack on the Duttons?

At the end of the new trailer for season 4, a sinister male voice says, “We’re at war, you and me.” Is the voice talking to John Dutton? Or someone else? And who does the voice belong to? There are a few fan theories floating around that attempt to answer these burning questions.

‘Yellowstone’ Theory: Angela Blue Thunder Orchestrated the Attack

According to Express, Reddit user AnnaNonna theorized, “What if Angela Blue Thunder was responsible for one or all the attacks on the Duttons?” They go on to speculate that Thomas Rainwater’s driver Mo could have discovered Angela was behind the attacks and warned her off; where the line “We’re at war, you and me” could come from.

Throughout the series, Thomas Rainwater and Angela Blue Thunder have been trying to reclaim the land stolen from their ancestors. The Salt Lake Tribune said of Gil Birmingham’s Yellowstone character Rainwater in 2020, “Rainwater hasn’t been able to wrest the land from the Duttons — yet — but he has made life very uncomfortable for them at times.”

Rainwater and Blue Thunder both have the determination to get their land back, but it seems Blue Thunder could be ruthless enough to do something like what happened in the season finale.

There’s also the question of Mo, Rainwater’s driver. On Reddit, a few Yellowstone fans commented their theories, one user stating, “Honestly it sounds like Mo. Surely that isn’t who it is though because that makes little to no sense.” Redditor AnnaNonna continued their comment, writing, “In the car after the meeting at the end of S3, Angela reminded Rainwater that Mo came from a warrior tribe. That’s what makes me associate Mo with being at war.” It’s possible, then, that the voice at the end of the trailer could be Mo’s.

Did Roarke Morris Attack the Duttons?

Another character set on taking the Dutton’s ranch is Market Equities’ Roarke Morris. He has frequently been at the Duttons’ throats about using their land for a “bustling city, complete with a ski resort and airport.”

Morris seems the obvious choice, and many Yellowstone fans believe it could be his voice in the trailer delivering the ominous line. But there are so many theories, and so many unanswered questions, that all fans can do right now is speculate.

Season 4 of Yellowstone premieres on Paramount on November 7.