‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Finale: Here’s What Led to Beth Dutton’s ‘Cruel’ Decision

by Amy Myers

There are some pretty tough characters in Yellowstone, but the last person you would ever want to cross is Beth Dutton. Not only can she manipulate just about any man she meets, but she’s also the type of woman who will wait for her vengeance. Calculating and careful, she knows when the right moment to strike is, and when she goes head-to-head with an enemy, only one person will make it out alive.

That’s what carried us to the situation between her, Jamie Dutton, and his biological father, Garrett Randall.

During the Season 3 finale of Yellowstone, we learned that someone took out a hit on the Duttons, minus Jamie, of course. Eventually, the family would discover that the man behind the attempted assassination was Garrett, himself, who hired his cellmate to do the dirty deed. So, during the Season 4 finale, Beth vowed to put an end to the threat that Garrett posed to her family. And so, she gave her adopted brother an ultimatum. Either she kills him, or he kills his father.

And, well, we know which one he chose.

Wes Bentley, the Yellowstone actor behind Jamie Dutton, commented on the complicated and tragic situation that Beth had forced upon his character.

“No matter where we’re coming from, this is a cruel attack,” Bentley shared in a behind-the-scenes interview. “She wants to really make him pay.”

To make matters even worse for the Dutton adjunct, Beth also snapped a photo of Jamie as he was disposing of her father’s body, telling him, “You’re f—ing mine now.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Provides Thought Process Behind Ultimatum

Regarding Beth’s cold treatment of Jamie, the Yellowstone actress behind the Western femme fatale, Kelly Reilly, explained her character’s thought process.

“She hates him. She hates him with every fiber of her being,” Reilly stated. “She’s so out for blood with someone that she feels betrayed her.”

When she thinks about the situation from Jamie’s perspective, the ultimatum is undoubtedly cold and unfeeling. However, despite the fact that Beth pulled the strings to Garrett’s murder, it’s hard to write off Beth as the bad guy.

“It’s so brutal,” she admitted. “And what Taylor [Sheridan] does in his writing does, he gives us all such great reasons for why we are the way we are.”

Because of Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan’s writing, Reilly believes the audience understands why Beth feels the need to commit such acts of violence and cruelty. Even though Beth is no hero to admire, she also isn’t the villain of the story. This is precisely the moral conflict that appears in each of the Yellowstone characters. Not a single one is without their flaws, but most of the time, we can also find the good in each person.