‘Yellowstone’: Beth Dutton Takes One for the Team in New Episode Preview

by Thad Mitchell

A juicy new trailer for an all-new episode of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” hit social media just minutes ago.

“Who’s ready for an all-new episode of Yellowstone tonight?” the Instagram post asks.

Judging from the 30-second trailer, “Yellowstone” fans are in for a real thrill ride with tonight’s (Sunday) episode. The trailer dropped Sunday morning, and fans of the show are already buzzing about it. We see John tell Rip Wheeler he knows who tries to kill him as they head to a diner. In another scene, we have Summer Higgins trying to stir up trouble by protesting plans to construct a new airport in Montana. The clip ends with John Dutton pulling a gun on someone — though we don’t know who yet. It looks like “Yellowstone” fans will get all the excitement that we can handle with tonight’s new episode, the eighth of season four.

Though she only makes a brief appearance in the trailer, Beth Dutton utters some very interesting words. Beth is sitting at a desk across from someone who we do not see off-camera. In a very serious tone, she says, “It’s time to take one for the team.” It is hard to tell as the scene moves so quickly, but it looks like Beth may have a phone up to her ear. We only see her for a flash, so it is hard to deduce anything from her trailer cameo.

Now, the question is just who is taking one for the team and which team are they taking it for. Beth is playing multiple sides in the season of “Yellowstone” as we see her joining forces with the Market Equities team. It is a rouse, though, as Beth believes infiltrating the business is the best way to topple them.

‘Yellowstone’ Teases An Action Packed Brand New Episode

Beth may find herself in a pickle in tonight’s episode as she must make Market Equities think she’s on their side.

At the same time, Beth will help her father, John Dutton, with his campaign for Montana Governor. At some point, her allegiances will be tested — could that come in tonight’s episode?

“Taking one for the team” could mean several different things, and Beth could be saying it to practically anyone. It appears someone on the “Yellowstone” Ranch is about to have a tough time in order to advance their agenda.

As you’ve no doubt watched the trailer like five times now, excitement is bubbling up for tonight’s new episode. In one particular scene, it appears a young girl is being held at gunpoint by an unknown assailant.

However it plays out, “Yellowstone” fans are for a thrill ride with tonight’s new episode, and we can’t wait.