‘Yellowstone’ Bunkhouse Stars React to Hilarious Carter Poker Scene

by Courtney Blackann

One of the greatest additions to “Yellowstone” season four is Finn Little aka Carter. The stray kid that Beth Dutton picked up is the surprising delight we all needed. Not only does his presence give depth to the Bunkhouse Boys, he lightens up Rip Wheeler. As it turns out, the kid is quite the poker player too. He whoops all the cowboys in a game during episode 9. And now the actors are reacting to that scene.

Jefferson White, Ian Bohen and Denim Richards sit down for an episode of “Yellowstone: Stories from the Bunkhouse” to discuss the scene with Finn Little. And while they say that Little definitely enjoyed kicking a little bunkhouse butt, they said he’s more interested in card tricks and magic than poker.

However, Ian Bohen remarks that he’s also a bit of a smart-mouthed teen who resembles Jimmy more than anyone else.

“Yeah, he’s me but better and cuter,” White says laughing.

One thing the actors loved was how Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler reacts to Carter beating everyone. White remarks that he loves scenes where Rip gets to be a little more comedic than dark because it’s really fun for everyone around.

“He was not bashful about talking sh*t, though. He was really handing it off,” Bohen says, laughing.

“Yellowstone” Star Adds Depth to Show

The scene was perfectly filmed, capturing a rare light-hearted moment on the drama series. Little also perfectly plays the 14-year-old wayward teen.

He came onto the scene in the first episode of “Yellowstone” season four and holds his own against Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser. However, he didn’t know anything about working with horses and underwent training to learn to ride.

As one of the smallest “Yellowstone” stars, the actor thanked his on-set riding coach in an Instagram post recently.

He says,” Diane! This AMAZING lady taught me to ride a horse properly – so I could look like I couldn’t ride (with ‘John Dutton’) in S4:E9,” Little captioned his post.

He also added:

“One of my favorite film family crew. So grateful for your patience and dedication to the beautiful horses (who always steal the show),” Little continued. “I still pinch myself that I learned to ride horses on one of the most beautiful ranches in Montana with the best in the business! What an amazing adventure I had on  @yellowstone S4.”

“Yellowstone” season four has been a much-anticipated addition to the series. It’s been even more of an emotional rollercoaster than the previous three seasons. With things heating up for the Duttons and family tensions mounting, the show is better than ever. Which is why it’s no surprise the show has earned the title of number one television series of 2021 by streamers.

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