‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates Ryan Actor Ian Bohen’s Birthday with Stoic Cowboy Pic

by Jon D. B.

Show some love for Yellowstone‘s Ian Bohen! The Ryan actor’s birthday is today, and the show is celebrating with this excellent portrait of his character.

“Celebrating Ian Bohen because it’s his birthday!” posts the show’s official Twitter Friday. Bohen is fantastic on Yellowstone, though. Do we really need a reason to celebrate this man? We do not – but a birthday is certainly reason nonetheless! Check out Bohen looking all stoic and studly as Ryan courtesy of Paramount’s rare portrait below:

Thankfully, fans are showing even more love, so Ian Bohen doesn’t feel like he’s tooting his own horn, here.

Yellowstone follower replies “we love you Ian <3,” with fellow fan Lou echoing “Happy birthday Ian, love u.” Does Lou know Ian? That feels like an awfully personal tweet…

Regardless, dozens of others echo these sentiments, proving once again that ranch hand Ryan is a true Yellowstone fan-favorite.

Yet as much as fans love the character, it still might not reach Bohen’s own appreciation of the role. In fact, according to the actor himself, his work as a fictional ranch hand has a far “higher calling.”

‘Yellowstone’s Ian Bohen Says He was ‘Born to Play’ Ranch Hand Ryan

“I’ve been a ranch hand, working the land on the Paramount series Yellowstone: a role I was born to play,” Bohen begins for the studio’s Take Action initiative. Within, the actor says the show is “a lot different than it is on television, I can tell you that.”

While Bohen has come to love the work (and then some), it holds roots in his deep connection with the real-life Yellowstone: our incredible national park.

“As a kid, I discovered my love for this giant, wild punchbowl where the sky just goes on forever,” the actor cites. “Yellowstone [National Park] has seen changes that have hunters and ranchers, scientists and park visitors alike, concerned. Not just for the future of the park, but for the planet itself.”

Bohen’s own childhood explorations of Yellowstone National Park would only be the beginning. Now, he’s using his clout as a name attached to the Yellowstone series to help the park overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

“This trip is different than the ones I took as a child,” the Yellowstone star continues to this end. “This trip isn’t about discovering nature’s beauty – but about finding out what I can do to preserve it.”

Ian Bohen is doing exactly that as part of Paramount Network’s Take Action program, which sees the show partner with Yellowstone National Park to find out why its lands, plants, flowers, and insects are having to adapt so rapidly. It’s all part of an ongoing study to understand how the park’s environment is changing – and Bohen’s mind, heart, and soul remain fully committed.

For far more on the Yellowstone actor’s adventures with this program, Outsider’s got you covered. What better way to celebrate his birthday?