‘Yellowstone’ Completely Snubbed By 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards

by Samantha Whidden

Despite its growing popularity and well-known large fanbase, Paramount’s hit series Yellowstone was completely snubbed by the 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards.

According to TVLine, Yellowstone did not receive a single nomination for the 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards, which will take place on January 9, 2022. 

Despite being snubbed by the Critics’ Choice Awards, Yellowstone has scored some nominations for various award shows in the past. This includes various nominations at the 2021 Emmy Awards; the 2021 Hollywood Critics Association; the 2019 International Film Music Critics Award; and the 2021 Location Manager Guild International Awards. 

Yellowstone ended up winning the Fictional Television Drama award during the 2021 Western Heritage Awards; Fictional Drama at the 2020 Western Heritage Awards; and Fictional Drama for the 2019 Western Heritage Awards. 

Meanwhile, Yellowstone is continuing to gain more viewers. Each episode of the show’s fourth episode has drawn in over seven million viewers. The show premiered on June 20, 2018. It has four seasons and 35 episodes so far. After a long, almost excruciating delay, the show returned for its fourth season on November 7th. The show’s cast includes Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and Cole Hauser.

Kevin Costner Talks ‘Yellowstone’ & Western Themed Shows 

During a January 2021 interview with Parade, Kevin Costner stated that Yellowstone was the right thing that came along. He then described his character, Kevin Dutton. “Dutton is like a business CEO. He struggles because he can’t deal with the publics that way his great-great-grandfathers did.”

The problems his Yellowstone character is experiencing are land grabs, deals with the EPA, and urbanization. Costner spoke about what it’s like to work on a western TV series. “A good Western is really hard to make. Hard tow rite. When you make them, they sand the test of time. When a Western is sloppy, it sets them back. You need to find the shadings between a black white and a white hat.”

Costner goes on to observe that the West was filled with people who could “reinvent” themselves. “Men and women were fractured from the Civil War and a lot of people took their skills out to the West. Then someone looked up and saw there was no law. And they could do whatever they wanted.”

The Yellowstone star went on to discuss his highly successful acting career. “People tend to think my acting is natural,” Costner explained. “They don’t realize how much work I’ve put into it to make it seamless.”

Costner also admitted that he normally doesn’t gravitate to Westerns and they just simply find him. The same goes for sports-themed films. “I’ve been sent scripts for 100 baseball movies and said no to 97 of them. The three I’ve done [Bull Durham, Field of Dreams and For Love of the Game]  I don’t see them as ‘baseball movies.’ There’s more to them. I respond to the stories.”