‘Yellowstone’: Faith Hill Breaks Down Her Guest Appearance in Episode 8

by Thad Mitchell

It is a great time to be a “Yellowstone” fan as the hit Paramount Network series is expanding its modern western universe.

“Yellowstone” fans are pumped for the new prequel “1883” that just became available on Paramount Plus a few days ago. We’ve also gotten a taste for the spinoff through various flashbacks during “Yellowstone” episodes. Earlier in the season, we got our first looks at Tim McGraw as James Dutton in a flashback. This flashback also reveals that the conflict between the Dutton Family and the Broken Rock Tribe has been going on for a long time.

In the most recent “Yellowstone” episode, airing last Sunday, we get another awesome flashback scene. Tim McGraw’s James Dutton is prominent in this scene as well as he hunts down cattle thieves. We also get a look at McGraw’s real wife, Faith Hill, who will play James Dutton’s on-screen wife, Margaret Dutton. Hill seems well suited for the role and she really pops off the screen as Lady Dutton. In a recent of Yellowstone’s “Behind the Story,” Hill talks about the flashback scene and what it will mean going forward.

“Behind the Story, season 4 episode 8,” the social media post says.

Hill is featured prominently in the nine-minute video, speaking on her scene and what’s to come.

“Margaret Dutton is the matriarch of the Dutton Family, I guess you would say,” Hill says. “Taylor (Sheridan) asked if I would want to do it and I said ‘in a heartbeat.'”

In the flashback scene, we see Margaret Dutton and her two young sons sitting down for dinner. She gives the older of the two a lesson on the proper way to pray before they eat.

‘Yellowstone’ Teases Prequel With In-Episode Flashbacks

As Margaret and her sons sit down to a meal, James Dutton, McGraw’s character, is after some bad guys. He is able to disrupt their plan and kill one by playing dead. He has a silver star on his lapel, which means he is likely some kind of law enforcement official.

Much to Margaret’s relief, James returns home after wrangling up the cattle thieves. Her joy soon becomes sorrow when she realizes that he husband has been shot and is bleeding profusely. She screams in agony as James enters their home and collapses onto the floor. Hill explains that it is an intense situation for the”Yellowstone” prequel characters.

“When you are waiting for a loved one’s arrival to return home, you are concerned and trying to be candid and honest with your children,” the country star says. “With children, you need things to appear as normal as possible — but you know it isn’t. There is a heaviness.”

With just two more “Yellowstone” episodes left, it’s possible we’ve not yet seen the last of the “1883” flashbacks.