‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Ticked About Issues Watching Season 4 Premiere

by Taylor Cunningham

Yellowstone came back for its epic season four opener tonight (Nov. 7). And the much-anticipated episode almost broke the internet.

Eager fans (us included) jumped online tonight to watch the return of the Dutton family. Season three’s major cliffhanger left everyone wondering if Kayce, John, and Beth would survive. And the second the new episode dropped, everyone (again, us included) was ready to learn their fates.

Amazon Prime got on the Yellowstone bandwagon by giving Prime members the option to buy the entire season for a packaged price. And within a few hours of the premiere on Paramount, users could watch the show. Or at least, that’s how it was supposed to work.

Apparently, Prime didn’t realize just how many fans Yellowstone has because it was not ready for the onslaught of streamers, according to a thread on Reddit. Some users thought it actually crashed Prime’s servers. Some audiences in the US and Canada had to wait even longer to catch up on their favorite show. And some people are still waiting.

“I’m assuming a bunch of you may also be experiencing this as well but if you’re attempting to stream through Prime,” a Redditor posted. “There is a known issue due to server volume. Holy cow!”

‘Yellowstone’ Streaming Issues

The original Reddit post was met with a number of people commenting who were having issues streaming season four of Yellowstone as well. And they were certain that ” John Dutton would not approve” of it.

Not everyone was having troubles with Prime, though. Some people got to tune it right away, so a few users suspected that it was only happening in certain areas of North America.

“I think it probably just depends on where you are geographically and which server farm supports you,” the original poster wrote. “I’m still having issues myself.”

The people who were able to watch received a lot of questions. Mostly, their fellow Redditors wanted to know if there was some trick that would make the episode stream. ZagaW1234 wondered if successful fans just kept refreshing the page until the episode popped up.

“Yes,” tg110e5 answered.

“Guess only you and Jeff Bezos can watch it tonight,” someone replied.

After a few hours, people started calling customer service. They weren’t thrilled that they spent $20 to catch the Duttons, and they wanted answers.

The original Redditor claimed that the mega streamer responded to their complaints saying it “experienced more volume than [it] anticipated. And” it may be until tomorrow that the issue is resolved.” But Amazon was kind enough to give the person a full refund.

And another user said that people should be able to “watch it around 12 am on Mondays if you bought the season.”

We don’t know when Prime will work out what seems to be some Yellowstone kinks for a number of folks, but the episode is available on Paramount Network’s streaming app (but not Paramount+). And for all our Outsiders who broke the internet, we’re proud of your show of force.