‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of This Episode 9 Scene

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to kicking butt, even a scene that just involves two solid characters impresses Yellowstone fans a whole lot.

Their most recent scene lovefest comes when Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, watches Carter, played by Finn Little, take on the bunkhouse in a game of cards. Fans saw this in Season 4, Episode 9 titled No Such Thing as Fair.

Let’s turn to this thread from Reddit for some reaction.

The user writes, “Watching the behind-the-scenes clip on YouTube made it even better for me. The actress that plays Teeter said she tried to use every foul word she could think of and said something different every take trying to get to Carter’s mom just off-screen.” Another fan replies, “When she said ‘I love when you call me baby’ it made me LOL.” In case fans didn’t know who Teeter was played by, a fan writes, “That’s Jen Landon, Michael Landon’s daughter – There’s your trivia for today LOL”.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Points Out Couple of Things In Scene

Another Yellowstone fan writes about that scene, “I love how Boy was rigging the deck.” Then a couple of others reply with lines from the episode: “he’s talking s–t and beating your ass” and “he had those cards last time.”

Yet this fan talks about a line from Teeter: “My favorite part was when Teeter said a mouthful in her usual mumble and Carter asked if she bit her tongue off?”

One additional line from a Yellowstone fan might put it all into perspective: “This show went so long without any true feel-good/light moments, last week has a few but this was was such a welcome change of pace! Awesome seen. [sic]”

Fan of the Taylor Sheridan show can get ready for the Season 4 season finale that will appear on Sunday, Jan. 2.

Tune into the Paramount Network at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, and see what else might happen to Carter. Oh yeah, we cannot forget Rip and his situation with Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly. She, too, has her issues with her father John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner.

Cole Hauser Promises A ‘Wild Finish’ To Show’s Season 4

Alright, we are coming to the end of Season 4. A lot of storylines are dancing across the Montana moonlight these days.

Yellowstone just simply plans to either tie everything up in a nice bow…or more chaos will ensue. What will happen?

Cole Hauser spoke with TV Insider to share some details about the finale. “It’s a very wild finish to an amazing year,” he said. “Taylor Sheridan leaves the audience thinking.”