‘Yellowstone’ Fans Consider Their Favorite Roles for the Stars Outside of the Show

by Katie Maloney

Obviously, we all love the cast of Yellowstone as their characters on the show.

However, all the actors on the show have a pretty extensive acting resume –except, of course, for Brecken Merrill. He’s a little young to have a long resume. But he’s certainly starting his career on the right path as a beloved character on one of the most popular television shows. Now, in anticipation of the upcoming season four premiere, fans are watching some of the Yellowstone actor’s other projects. And they recently took to Reddit to share some of their favorite movies and show.

One fan started the conversation by listing Kevin Costner’s infamous baseball movies.

“Kevin Costner, For the Love of the Game or Field of Dreams,” wrote the user.

Another fan agreed.

“Just watched For Love of the Game for the umpteenth time. Love, Love, Love that movie.”

Another fan suggested, Bull Durham was even better. In the realm of baseball movies, I gotta say, Field of Dreams and Bull Durham are the absolute best (in my opinion). There’s something about watching Kevin Costner epitomize the history and energy of baseball that I can’t get enough of.

Another fan listed projects for several of the cast members. They wrote, “Kevin Costner – The Bodyguard, Dragonfly. Kelly ReillyFlight, True Detective S2, Cole HauserTears of the Sun, Olympus Has Fallen. Gil Birmingham – Wind River. Wes Bentley – American Beauty. Will Patton – Armageddon, Falling Skies. Josh Holloway – Lost, Colony.”

This is certainly an extensive and accurate list. But what about Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton on “Yellowstone?” Another fan talked about some of Grimes’s less-known projects.

“Luke Grimes in an indie film I’m sure almost no one has seen called Forever, or even going back further in his career to one of his first films called War Eagle, Arkansas where he plays a teen with a terrible stutter, and he’s amazing. This show doesn’t even come close to utilizing his talent.”

There are a lot of projects on this list that I’ve never seen. So, excuse me while I go to make my new waiting-for-Yellowstone-season-four binge watching list!

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Is Starring In An Upcoming Movie With Morgan Freeman

Cole Hauser was no stranger to the spotlight when he landed his role of Rip Wheeler on “Yellowstone.” Before the show, he starred in films including Good Will Hunting, Dazed and Confused, and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Now, Hauser recently announced that he’s working with acting great Morgan Freeman on a new action-thriller called “Muti.” Written and directed by George Gallo, the film follows Detective Boyd (Hauser) as he tried to process the death of his daughter. Gallo then gets called into a serial killer case. So, he teams up with an anthropologist named Professor Mackles (Freeman). The two work together to track down the murderer who kills by the way of a brutal tribal ritual called Muti.

I’m definitely adding this to my must-watch list!