‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Jimmy’s Major Season 4 Finale Decisions

by Jennifer Shea

Yellowstone fans have a bad feeling about Jimmy’s upcoming decision.

In a trailer for the Season 4 finale, Mia (Eden Brolin) returned to confront Jimmy (Jefferson White) and demand he choose between her and vet tech Emily (Kathryn Kelly). Jimmy has never been very good at confrontations, and he’s backed down before in the face of an ultimatum from Mia. Will he cave this time?

In a new Reddit thread, Yellowstone fans discussed the implications of the trailer for Jimmy and weighed in on Mia vs. Emily.

Yellowstone Fans Weigh In: Mia or Emily?

Jimmy has really grown into himself since he arrived at the Four Sixes. He’s carrying himself like a normal cowboy, not a whipped dog, and he has a healthy new relationship with Emily to boost his self-esteem. No doubt Emily has responded to the new Jimmy, who seems happier since leaving the Dutton Ranch and is no longer the butt of jokes and the target of bullying.

But in the last episode of Season 4, Travis (Taylor Sheridan) burst Jimmy’s bubble with the news that Jimmy will have to leave the Four Sixes for the Dutton Ranch. Nothing good awaits Jimmy there, and Jimmy was clearly distraught at the prospect of returning.

While fans are divided on whether Jimmy should stay at the Four Sixes or return to the Dutton Ranch, there wasn’t much debate about Mia vs. Emily. Fans agreed that Mia has been bad for Jimmy, while Emily likes him for who he is.

“I choose the vet,” one fan posted. “Mia wasn’t being fair to him. The vet clearly has his best interests at heart. And honestly, Jimmy needs to go back to the Four Sixes. They treat him better there.”

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this one tho,” another fan chimed in. “Emily is the obvious choice and dramatic shows typically do the opposite.”

“I want him to return to the YS ranch because I like him and I want him part of ‘our’ series and not the 6’s,” another fan disagreed.

Other fans called Mia “controlling” and said Emily is “1000x better” for the ranch hand than the barrel racer was.

Should Jimmy Return or Stay at the Four Sixes?

We already know Jimmy winds up at the Four Sixes in the long run, because White and Walker actor Ryan Bingham have signed on to star in 6666, the Yellowstone spinoff set in Texas. But how long does it take for him to finally settle there?

It’s hard to picture Jimmy going back to the Dutton Ranch for long after everything he’s been through. But who knows? Maybe Sheridan will bring him back to serve out the remainder of the series – Sheridan has said he sees Yellowstone lasting for six seasons – before 6666 starts up. Sheridan has yet to announce a premiere date for the spinoff, so it’s not clear when Jimmy’s new storyline officially launches.

In any case, the season finale of Yellowstone promises to be action-packed and full of drama. Don’t miss it next Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network.