‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Season 4’s Central Plot

by Thad Mitchell

It is hard for “Yellowstone” fans to fathom, but there are only two more episodes remaining in the fourth season of the show.

Like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive, “Yellowstone” fans eagerly awaited the return of their favorite show earlier this year. The fourth season has certainly not disappointed and has been a thrill ride from the very beginning. Some fans have even lauded season four as the show’s best season to date.

The action in season four has been fast and furious and hasn’t faded in the least. We are now anxiously waiting to see just how season four will come to an end. It would very difficult to top the third season finale, but you can bet “Yellowstone” will try. Some of the actors on the show have teased another cliffhanger to end the fourth season. According to the actors, the ending is on par with the previous season.

Introducing New ‘Yellowstone’ Stories With a Purpose

While most “Yellowstone” fans are pleased with the fourth season so far, others have questions. In a recent Reddit thread, fans of the show ask just what exactly is this season’s central plot? It is a fair question to ask as Sheridan has introduced a number of storylines since the start of Season 4. But we think there are fitting answers to those questions.

The Redditor to post the initial discussion feels that the “show has always kind of meandered plot-wise.” However, what may feel like “meandering” to some, is likely Sheridan’s way of crafting the narrative to ultimately spin-off more content for fans to love.

For example, much of this season has been devoted to the Jimmy storyline. Some may think the Jimmy storyline is separated from what’s going on at the Dutton Ranch. However, that’s not the case. In fact, everything going on is likely set up for the “6666” spinoff. And, not to mention, the flashbacks featuring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were all part of introducing “1883.” The Paramount+ series is a prequel to “Yellowstone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans on Season Four Plot Development

While there is certainly plenty to love about season four, some fans are curious about the direction of certain storylines. One Redditor specifically says this season lacks a true enemy for the Duttons to overcome.

“There is no real enemy (this season),” one “Yellowstone” viewer opines. However, it’s certainly possible the true enemy of season four has yet to reveal themselves. But there are still two more episodes left in the season. There are plenty of candidates to fill this role as the series hits the homestretch. Garrett Randall, Jamie Dutton’s biological father, is the prime candidate to rise to the top of the enemy list. You also have the always-scheming Market Equities team to watch out for as well.

It just so happens that we might get the first confrontation between Randall and John Dutton in the next episode. Talk about turning up the heat — we can’t wait to see these two titans.

With just a couple of episodes remaining, you can expect the “Yellowstone” to push the intensity up to a 10.

And we can’t wait!