‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Yet Another Surprising Possibility for Garrett Randall’s Connection to the Duttons

by Joe Rutland

How many theories can there be for a Yellowstone storyline involving Garrett Randall and the Duttons? At least one more.

OK, Outsiders, we’re going to check out a thread from Reddit and see what the fans are saying out there.

There have been a lot of people who have been discussing Jamie’s birth mother being John Dutton’s wife’s sister. John Dutton is played by Kevin Costner, while Garrett Randall is played by Will Patton. Garrett was convicted of murdering Evelyn, who was the birth mother of Jamie Dutton, played by Wes Bentley.

This new Yellowstone theory posits that Garrett could actually be Evelyn’s brother.

Are we going there? You bet your John Dutton we are going there. Let us turn our attention to Reddit. This thread is titled “A NEW Relationship Theory”.

And away we go!

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Shares Yet Another Amaing Thought For John-Garrett Storyline

One fan writes, “Of all of the relationship theories involving Phyllis Garrett, I don’t think anyone has put this one out there, so let me do the honors. Most fans think she was either John’s sister or Evelyn’s sister. What if neither is true? What if she was no blood relationship with John or Evelyn? What if Phyllis married INTO Evelyn’s bloodline? By that, I mean what if Garrett Randall is actually Evelyn’s brother?

“Then, when Garrett went to prison, Evelyn would have been just as concerned with Jamie’s well-being, maybe even more so, since Jamie was a Randall just like she possibly was,” the fan writes. “Oh. Oh! OH! I REALLY LIKE THIS OPTION!”

We are glad this Yellowstone fan likes this option. What do other fans have to say?

A fan replies, “That would make a lot of sense”. Another reply? “I really like this….” How about another one, Outsiders? “Ohhhhh…..such a great theory!” says yet another fan of the Taylor Sheridan show.

One Fan Thinks That John Has Some Love For Phyllis Yet Is Mad Because He Was Snubbed

But we have one Yellowstone fan with a bit of a shaky opinion. “Good theory. But it does seem John has some love for this Phyllis. It’s why I think she was his first love but then she chose Randall over John.” Whoops! This would throw everything into a chaotic mess.

We’re going to stop this right here with a reply from the original thread poster.

“No matter who Jamie’s mom was, or who she was related to, we have NO CLUE (and it’s driving all of us nuts!) as to exactly WHAT Garrett thinks/says John stole from him,” this Yellowstone fan says. “I sure hope that’s revealed in episode 10 and that we don’t have to wait until next season to find out.”