‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Going Nuts Over That Kayce Cattle Guard Scene

by Thad Mitchell

In the unlikely event that you didn’t already know, here is a reminder that Kayce Dutton doesn’t put up with crap on “Yellowstone.”

Kayce, played wonderfully by actor Luke Grimes, asserted his authority in a big way last night. It’s a reminder to all “Yellowstone” foes that the Dutton will take extreme action when necessary.

After a complaint from a local cattle rancher, Kayce, now the Livestock Commissioner, took swift and drastic action. the rancher complained that his neighbor had put up cattle guards on the easement leading to his ranch. The man says he is losing a small fortune having to tow cattle between pasture to avoid the cattle guard.

Long story short — Kayce visits the noncompliant man and he ends up underneath his own cattle guard. That is what you call western justice served up Dutton style. You could almost hear a faint cheer coming “Yellowstone” watchers as the man lie under the guard with no one to get him out.

It was one of the highlights of the third episode of “Yellowstone” season four and fans have much to say about it. While many thought the punishment fit the crime, others wonder if Kayce was being a bit cruel to the man who didn’t want the cattle ripping up his yard and driveway. A recent Reddit thread has
Yellowstone” fans sounding off on the cattle guard incident.

“Was I supposed to be on Kayce’s side during the cattle guard scene?” A Reddit user asks. “I mean, he does break a bunch of laws, including kidnapping and wrongful imprisonment. And the guy’s argument about being able to do what he wants with his own land seems logical. Isn’t that exactly what the Duttons are fighting for?”

These seem like more than fair questions to ask.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question Kayce Dutton’s Actions

There are arguments to made on both sides of this “Yellowstone” equation.

“I totally side with Kayce’s wild west approach to teaching his ass a lesson,” a fans says in the Reddit thread. “Yes, he broke some laws, but I bet those cattle guards will disappear fast.”

Another question raised by “Yellowstone” is will this come back to bite Kayce in the future? He certainly did break a few laws by imprisoning the man underneath his own cattle guard. Still, many fans believe the man was in the wrong by not honoring the easement and got what he deserved.

“It was blatant enough that I fully expected to see cops at his front door before the end of the episode,” another fans proclaims. “It’ll be interesting to see if the writers position him to be a bully or a martyr.”

“Yellowstone” fans certainly hope to see this storyline continue through the current season.