‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Growing Tired of One Major Character

by Joe Rutland

It is not a secret that Yellowstone fans have a strong connection with the show. But some of the fans are tired of one character.

Who in the world could it be? Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly. This thread on Reddit talks about it. The title of this thread is, “Why I think Beth is the most annoying and repetitive character. MY OPINION”.

Here is this fan’s thoughts on Beth, who is the daughter of John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner.

There are some spoilers in this commentary, so away we go.

“Honestly, I am just fast-forwarding through almost all her scenes now, I can fill in the blanks with the rest of the show,” the fan writes. “The show has basically become perfection now by fast-forwarding through her repetitive, ‘I act like a b—h all the time and insult almost everyone’ scenes.”

This fan also writes that “a strong and dominant female character DOES NOT equal to ‘be the biggest condescending b—h/person on the show’.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Clearly States His Dislike For Beth

The Yellowstone fan adds, “This is her: Love Rip (Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser), try to get my dad’s approval and be a huge c–ky b—h to everyone else 99% of the time and insult them to look tough and dominant. Rinse and repeat…rinse and repeat…rinse and repeat. So repetitive.”

Again, this fan adds that if Beth acted this way just 10-20 percent of the time that it would be more realistic. Finally, this Yellowstone fan writes that Beth is “the ONLY thing” that leads to disliking the show.

Here come the other fans’ replies after this statement. One writes, “Totally agree. What annoys me the most is I suspect the writers congratulate themselves on creating such a strong female lead because obviously strong and independent women are psycho b—hes. Duh.”

Another Yellowstone viewer replies to that comment, saying, “Ya all strong female leads have to be bitches 95% of the time and insult or ridicule people they just met duh!!!” This brings another comment, “I KNOW!!!!! I hate them so much for it too”.

Then another fan of the show writes, “Her self-righteousness is so boring. Her fury and hate towards Jamie is so flat. It would’ve been so simple to write a more sympathetic character of a woman who loved her brother and hated him. A woman who blames her father and took it out on her brother. But this blind fury makes no sense. It literally is so dumb that she never puts any blame on John for anything and instead is constantly up his ass. Idk. I hate it. Her character had so much potential. That being said, Yellowstone is nothing more than a telenovela that I love right now.”