‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have Some Serious Hot Takes About Beth & Rip’s Wedding

by Thad Mitchell

The fourth season of “Yellowstone” may have come to an end, but the discussion about the show’s future is just heating up.

The internet is ablaze with “Yellowstone” hot takes coming from every direction. The fourth season finale was a real doozy that brought about even more questions about just what the “Yellowstone” future holds. In one of the highlights of the last episode, fans of the show got a moment they’ve long been expecting. It didn’t go down the way anyone thought it would but Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton finally tied the knot. After kidnapping a priest, Beth Dutton puts a couple of chairs together for a makeshift wedding. Rip is all about it as he seems like a man ready to get the wedding ceremony out of the way. Beth’s father, John Dutton, has reservations but once Beth has an idea in her mind — it’s happening whether you like it or not.

With Lloyd and Carter looking on, Rip and Beth exchange vows before being declared man and wife by the priest. it isn’t the beautiful moment we all expected of a “Yellowstone” wedding but it was certainly fitting of the moment. Some “Yellowstone” fans, however, don’t feel that way and believe a bigger deal should have been made of the marriage ceremony. It is the topic of discussion in a recent Reddit thread.

“I am disgusted by the Duttons,” the thread starter proclaims. “Especially during that trashy wedding that John participated in. Let me not even start about the disgust I felt towards Beth when she rejected the kid for calling her mom. Plus the skimpy clothing during her wedding with that Stockholm syndrome inflicted wimp Wissel who thinks he is a tough guy.”

It is fair criticism all the way around.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Sound Off on Season Four Finale Episode

While this fan’s criticism may be fair, not every “Yellowstone” feels the same way. Some viewers thought the makeshift wedding was the perfect way for Beth and Rip to get hitched.

“I actually think the wedding is appropriate for those two,” another fan says. “A dysfunctional wedding for a dysfunctional family. What gets me is that John lets Beth step all over him. He goes from kicking her out to letting her have her own in less than a day.”

Whether you liked the finale or didn’t like it, the episode changed the landscape of “Yellowstone” forever. Jamie Dutton does away with his father. Beth now has all the leverage she will ever need against her adopted brother. It looks like John Dutton will become the next governor of Montana. Jimmy leaves the ranch for good.

The finale gave us several monumental moments to ponder over the long “Yellowstone” offseason. That sits just fine with fans of the show.