‘Yellowstone’ Fans are Not Happy With Season 4’s Treatment of Lloyd: ‘Show Some Respect’

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s strengths far outweigh its faults on average. But there’s no denying how hard it’s been to watch Lloyd have the ever-loving-snot beat out of him over and over throughout Season 4. Be warned, major spoilers for Season 4 are ahead.

As the show has evolved over 3 seasons, audiences have become accustomed to seeing Forrie J. Smith’s wise old cowboy keep others in line, not the other way around. Having such a hard 180* for this beloved character dominate the season, soo, is hard to stomach. Especially since it entails watching Smith get battered within an inch of his life repeatedly.

It’s one thing to feature this as a speed bump for Lloyd and then move on. But to have it be a continuing, festering wound within Yellowstone is beginning to turn fans off in a big way.

“Put some respect on Lloyd. This is ridiculous,” comments Yellowstone fan Dylan S. on the show’s latest “Behind the Story.”

“Yep ! I know it’s a show but starting to lose interest,” replies Julie M. The sentiments are echoed throughout the comments section, too, as fans have had their fill of watching Lloyd take such a stark turn.

Life is Full of Hard Turns, and ‘Yellowstone’ is Making Us Experience One in Full Force

“It’s a weird twist to the story, I don’t like it really . I like Lloyd a lot,” responds another fan. “Show some respect!”

“It’s getting borderline abusive,” Lynderland adds, who wants to know: “Is this what cowboys are like for real??”

Forrie J. Smith himself says it is in the same “Behind the Story” feature. And as anyone who’s lived – or is living – a hard life knows, reality is full of hard curve balls. Even the best of us are prone to jealousy, rage, and things we’ll regret forever. It’s human nature. And as one of the most human characters on Yellowstone, it may be more fitting than we realize to have this play out as part of Lloyd’s journey.

“Lloyd is right where he should be! Cowboying ain’t no joke! REAL MEN! Hard as nails,” praises Homeslice G. on Instagram. From this fan’s point of view, Lloyd hasn’t done anything wrong. Walker deserves the ass beatings he’s gotten from the veteran rancher, and then some – something many other audience members will surely agree with.

But the crux with this comes when we consider the type of man Lloyd has been built up to be. For 3 seasons, we’ve come to know Lloyd Pierce as the voice of reason; the wise old sage of a cowboy who’s “been there, done that” and lived long enough to profit from overcoming hard mistakes.

This makes it immensely difficult to see him treated the way he is in Yellowstone Season 4. Yet how many of us would react differently? And aren’t layered, flawed characters always the ones that stand the test of time?

The Bunkhouse Has Abandoned Lloyd

Every close friend of Lloyd’s is sitting by and simply letting Walker and Laramie flaunt their romantic antics in front of him without saying a single thing. As Lloyd himself points out, he practically raised Ryan, but is his fellow bunker doing anything to have his back through all this? No. Not a damn thing.

It’s this that is truly driving Lloyd’s rage. But fans expect Lloyd to be above temper tantrums, something Yellowstone Season 4’s writing is proving the opposite of.

Hopefully that big Lloyd vs Walker arena brawl put the final feather in this rivalry’s cap and we can all have the Lloyd we know and love back for the remainder of Yellowstone.