‘Yellowstone’ Fans Pick Sides: ‘Team Lloyd or Team Walker’

by Thad Mitchell

A moment that every “Yellowstone” fan has been waiting on through season four finally happened in the most recent episode, a showdown between Walker and Lloyd.

Beefing “Yellowstone” ranch hands Lloyd and Walker finally had it out, and it was glorious. The two have been foes ever since buckle bunny Laramie moved into the bunkhouse. Lloyd and Walker got what they wanted in Sunday’s episode as Rip put them in the arena to “work out” their differences.

Both men delivered devastating blows to the other, though Lloyd emerged as the last man standing. His prize? Getting beat up by Rip Wheeler, who also breaks Lloyd’s hand by kicking it with his boot. After the melee, Lloyd helps Walker to his feet, and it appears both men have come to an understanding — or at least that is what they tell John Dutton. It is likely we’ve not seen the last of this feud, however, as there are four more episodes left of the fourth season.

Much like it has split the bunkhouse, the rivalry between the “Yellowstone” workers has split the fan base. In a recent Reddit thread, fans declared their allegiance to “Team Lloyd” or “Team Walker.”

“It’s probably unpopular but Walker,” a Redditor says. “He’s been my favorite since he walked out of prison. Not sure why I like his character so much but that’s life on the Yellowstone.”

“Team Lloyd” has its fair share of members as well.

“I am on Team Lloyd,” another fan and Reddit user proclaims. “He’s loyal and actually cares about the ranch. Walker is only there because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.”

Unsurprisingly, the vote is split right down the middle for “Yellowstone” fans. Lloyd and Walker are two of the most popular characters on the show. We’ll see what is next in store for this feud.

‘Yellowstone’ Ranch Hands Lloyd and Walker Butt Heads Over Buckle Bunny

As it often is, the source of the rivalry between Lloyd and Walker is a female. Laramie, a barrel racer by trade, spends most of the third season at Lloyd’s side. She then takes up with Walker when season four begins, leaving poor Lloyd high and dry. It was a unique relationship with Lloyd being much older than Laramie, but “Yellowstone” fans loved seeing something positive happening for the long-suffering Lloyd.

The two “Yellowstone” workers engaged in a fight that Rip Wheeler quickly broke up earlier this season. In Sunday’s episode, their angst reached a boiling point. Lloyd grabbed Walker’s guitar and smashed it against the wall. He then plunged a knife right into Walker’s chest. This leads to the arena fight, where the two have it out once and for all.

Whether you are “Team Lloyd” or “Team Walker,” we are all “Team Yellowstone,” and we can’t wait for the next new episode coming up this Sunday.