‘Yellowstone’ Fans Praise Finn Little’s Performance in Season 4 Premiere

by Thad Mitchell

While he’s only appeared in one episode so far, “Yellowstone” star Finn Little is quickly becoming a favorite of fans.

It is safe to say that the 15-year-old Little made a big impression in his debut episode last week. He plays the role of Carter quite well and “Yellowstone” watchers are already taking notice of his skills. The Australian native has also been quite active on social media in the lead-up to Sunday’s premiere episode. Interacting with the show’s enormous fan base is an excellent way of winning them over as Little discovered. It appears we are going to see even more of Carter as the season rolls along. He has a very interesting and entertaining storyline ahead of him as he tries to “Yellowstone” Ranch his new home. It also looks like Carter, Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler are going to grow as a makeshift family living under one roof. We can’t wait to see what happens next with the adorable new family unit.

“Yellowstone” fans are raving about Finn Little’s fourth-season performance already. Many fans are already clamoring for Carter to get more screen time as season four continues. In a recent social media post, fans share their thought on Finn Little’s performance and what makes Carter an excellent character.

“Carter made his debut during the season 4 premiere,” the Instagram post says. “Tell us what you liked most about his character!”

As you can see — there are tons of thoughts from “Yellowstone” fans. The post took in thousands of comments in a short amount of time.

“He’s Rip 2.0,” a fan says.”

“He fits in so perfectly with the cast,” another says.

“My new favorite character!” a watcher writes.

“Bravo Finn!” says another.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Love Finn Little, Want Even More

Fans of the show were not shy about declaring they want more of Finn Little and Carter. It is a wish that is likely to be granted.

With popular “Yellowstone” ranch hand Jimmy heading out from the ranch, Carter is a natural transition.

It was rough going for Carter in the beginning. Waiting out his drug addict father’s death, Carter forms an unlikely bond with Beth Dutton. While Beth is immediately taken with the young boy, her fiance, Rip Wheeler, is not. He immediately kicks Carter out of his cabin and to the streets. But, after realizing that his future wife has grown a strong bond with him, he invites Carter back into his home.

It is highly likely there will be many more bumps in the road for the trio but seeing them attempt to form a family is melting the hearts of “Yellowstone” fans.

We don’t where this storyline will take us — but we are eager to find out.