‘Yellowstone’ Fans React to Brutal Fight Between Lloyd and Walker

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” fans experienced a whirl of emotions during last night’s episode while watching Lloyd’s life hang in the balance.

Lloyd’s been pushing everyone’s patience for the past few weeks, including Walker and Rip’s. Because of his actions, Rip already had to make an example out of Lloyd once. But last night, the old ranch hand crossed a line when he threw a knife at Walker’s chest.

For a moment, worried “Yellowstone” fans wondered if Rip would have to take Lloyd to the train station. But John Dutton stepped in and spared Lloyd’s life, just this once, provided he changed his actions. John forced Lloyd and Walker to beat each other up until every last drop of animosity drained out of them.

What the two didn’t know is that John also required Rip to beat up the last man standing. Which turned out to be Lloyd.

Fans didn’t appreciate this brutal, friendship-ruining moment in the show. After Outsider posted their recap story on Facebook, fans took to the comments to express how much they didn’t like the fight between friends.

“Lloyd should have never been made an example of,” a fan named Debra said. “Walker should have been left at the train station. He is the one that upset the basket of apples!”

“Yellowstone” fan Kristy said, “I don’t understand having two cowboys beat each other to a pulp and Rip smashing Lloyd’s hand. They’ll be useless on the ranch for days. Not to mention traumatizing that child by making him watch.”

“I was disappointed with the fight,” a fan named Tania wrote. “Turned me off totally. Love the show but not sure where the fighting was going.”

And a fan named Don commented, “Really losing respect for Rip. His treatment of Lloyd caused him to stab Walker. Then breaking his hand was last straw. So now they’re down 3 ranch hands; Lloyd, Walker, and Teeter. But Teeter will find a way to stay.”

Where Will ‘Yellowstone’ Go From Here for Rip and Lloyd?

Last night’s final fight on “Yellowstone” clearly disappointed certain fans. But what does it mean for future episodes?

Let’s not forget that during Season 3, Rip asked Lloyd to be his best man. And now, Beth is talking about finding a place on the ranch to marry Rip. So, will we see a wedding this season for Rip and Beth? And if so, who will be his best man?

It seems like we really just want to know what this means for Rip and Lloyd’s friendship. Before Rip beat him up, Lloyd gave Rip such a satisfied and relieved hug, like one between brothers. And even though Rip told him, “I love you” and “This is to protect you,” Lloyd still had to feel slightly betrayed by Rip’s actions.