‘Yellowstone’ Fans Say It’s ‘High Time’ Show Gets More Recognition After Season 4 Premiere

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone fans are all united on one front: “It is high time this show got nominated for the Emmys,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Yes, Yellowstone would receive its first Emmy nomination earlier this year. And yes, that was fantastic recognition. But that’s not enough for fans over on Reddit’s ever-active Yellowstone board. Following the Season 4 premiere, fans are in a tizzy wishing and hoping for the actors, cinematography, and dramatics of Yellowstone to win further Emmy buzz.

“This show has never gotten nominated for the Emmy’s which is sad because it is one of the most watched tv shows right now,” posts Redditor Adiman93. “The acting and the cinematography is very good. Kelly Reilly should have gotten nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Kevin Costner should see nomination as Best Actor in a Leading Role.”

To emphasize, the Redditor says “It is quite sad shows like The Crown , Lovecraft County or The Handsmaid Tale get multiple Emmy Nominations whereas this show is not getting any attention from the Acting Awards Community.”

But as Redditor MJcatle2 rebuts, “Popular shouldn’t be reason for an Emmy. The show is fun, but it’s ridiculous and that’s ok because that’s the type of show that it is.”

Is Yellowstone fantastic? Yes. But are we fans a bit blinded by love? Absolutely. Taylor Sheridan’s Western epic is as good as American escapism gets. Yet pegging a show as “too soapy” or “campy” isn’t really deterring. Plenty of shows of a similar feel are nominated on the regular.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Delve Deep into Show’s Emmy Worthiness

This doesn’t stop one fellow fan, hilariously named VeryLowIQIndividual, from agreeing, however. “This is correct and Kelly Reilly is really what they call ‘chewing up the scenery’ most of the time which is easier to do than a lot of more nominated actors,” the Redditor offers. “I love some of the stuff she says but every conversation she has comes off as “written”. And you can see it coming from a mile off for her to unload some crazy line.”

This… We can’t argue with. Beth Dutton is one of the most entertaining creations of the 21st century, but her lines can sometimes be so terribly on-the-nose that you can’t help but snicker. Take her recent “I’m the rock therapists break themselves against” line from Season 4’s premiere as case in point.

Going against all fan complaints, however, is the fact that Yellowstone has, in fact, seen nomination for an Emmy. As u/DualCayote points out: “It has an Emmy nomination… Only the one though.”

And that nomination was for the show’s brilliant production design. “Emmy’s or not, for me the show is immensely watchable with a strong cast, engaging story and fine production values. That’s mainly what I care about, to be honest,” the Redditor continues.

Can’t argue with that, either. Regardless, Yellowstone Season 4 is here for fans to rave about, Emmys or no.