‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have Strong Feelings About Jimmy’s New Girlfriend

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the hit series “Yellowstone” have one particular character that practically everyone is rooting for.

Season four has been a wild ride for former “Yellowstone” ranch hand Jimmy and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. A quirky but lovable character, you can’t help but cheer poor Jimmy on as he weeds his way through life’s obstacles. The former drug addict has pulled himself up by his bootstraps quite literally. Jimmy begins the season in the hospital after breaking his back again while riding a bucking horse. With the love of his girlfriend, Mia, Jimmy rehabs his injury and is able to resume his cowboy duties. But Jimmy broke his word to John Dutton and there are severe consequences for that crime. Dutton jettisons Jimmy from “Yellowstone” Ranch and sends him off to Texas where he will work at the famous Four Sixes Ranch. Dutton wants Jimmy to “grow up” and mature at the ranch as he learns to become a real cowboy.

To no one’s surprise, Jimmy finds himself a nice Texas lady, Emily, and now has a new girlfriend. He leaves Mia at the “Yellowstone” Ranch, though she later leaves the bunkhouse. Could she be on her way to Texas to reunite with her former love? That would certainly be an interesting plot twist and would be Jimmy’s luck. He’s had a rough go of it this season and that is part of the reason he is so loved by the “Yellowstone” fan base. In a recent Reddit thread, fans discuss Jimmy’s new love interest.

“Jimmy’s new girlfriend at Four 6’s is ADORABLE,” a Redditor says. “And charming. Way better than Mia.”

Many other “Yellowstone” fans feel the same way about Emily and think Jimmy is better off with her.

“Emily > Mia,” another fan writes.

‘Yellowstone’ Watchers Weigh-In on Jimmy’s Love Life

An opinionated bunch, “Yellowstone” fans have plenty to say about Jimmy’s romantic life.

“Kind of hard to believe she (Emily) was falling all over Jimmy that quick,” another Redditor says. “She acted like he was Brad Pitt. Are there just no men around?”

Other “Yellowstone” fans think that the Four Sixes Ranch is a better place for Jimmy and that he lucked out by being sent there.

“6666 ranch seems much better to me than the Yellowstone,” a fan says. “He gets nicer clothes, can drive the truck, better women, and enough money to go out on a date.”

Jimmy’s storyline on the Four Sixes Ranch will form the foundation for “Yellowstone” spinoff “6666,” which is in production. Jefferson White, the actor behind Jimmy, is expected to play the lead role on the show.

We will see how the rest of season four goes for Jimmy and if he will end up staying in Texas. We can expect to see more of Jimmy in the future.