‘Yellowstone’ Fans Were Surprised Others Knew This Kayce Dutton Clothing Item

by Quentin Blount

Okay, all of you Outsiders are going to love this. Yellowstone fans on Reddit are talking about the ghillie suit that Kayce Dutton wore in the show.

If you are an avid follower of Yellowstone like we are, then you know all about Kayce Dutton (played by Luke Grimes). He is one of the main characters on the hit Paramount Network show. Kayce is the son of John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner). He is married to his wife, Monica, and together they have a son named Tate (Brecken Merrill).

Now, you are probably wondering why fans of the show are talking about Kayce Dutton online. The answer to that question is due to one of the outfits he wore on the show — a ghillie suit. We know that most of you know what a ghillie suit is, but for those who don’t, it’s a type of camouflage clothing that’s covered in loose strips of burlap, cloth, or twine. It’s made to look like leaves, twigs, and foliage from the area.

Reddit user u/RINalaska made a post on the popular forum Reddit. They were surprised at how many people know what a ghillie suit is.

“I’m just impressed with how many people here know what a ghillie suit is,” the Reddit user said. “Or know the name of that thing.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Respond to Reddit Post

Yellowstone fans, meanwhile, were quick to chime in with their own thoughts.

“Didn’t know what a ghillie suit is. I googled it,” one person replied. “That’s the name of the apparel worn by Kayce when he met his father after the incident. Good to know what it is. I would have said it is a camouflage suit used for hunting or military operations.”

A second fan of the show is wondering when Kayce acquired the ghillie suit.

“I knew what it was and just wondered whether Kayce already had it or acquired it for the occasion and if he already had it why didn’t he use it last season when he was trying to kill that wolf?”

“I can almost guarantee that he already had it made up,” another Redditor responded. “They take A LOT of time to make. Not something you’re gonna make in a day or 2. Especially with running the ranch. His was already ‘broke in’ as far as I could tell, which leads me to believe that he already had it for several months, if not years. He could have made it after the shootings and bombings while John was in the hospital in anticipation of John saying ‘kill them all’ or even preparing for revenge if John didn’t survive. The 3 months John was in the hospital was plenty of time to put a ghillie suit together and have it worn in by the time we actually see it.”