‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think Mo Brings Plenty Is Stealing the Show This Season

by Quentin Blount

Okay, Yellowstone fans. We need your opinion on this one. Do you think that actor Mo Brings Plenty is one of the best characters on the show?

So far, Moses (Mo) Brings Plenty has appeared in every season of Yellowstone up to date, for a total of 29 episodes. He, of course, plays the character of Mo. He is the driver of chief Thomas Rainwater. The 52-year-old was born on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He is a descendant of Brings Plenty — an Oglala Lakota warrior who fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876. He has always had a passion for providing accurate representations of Native Americans in film and television.

In addition to Yellowstone, you may have seen Brings Plenty in other works as well. He has made appearances in parts of Hidalgo, Thunder Heart, and Pirates of the Caribbean. He played the character of Quanah Parker in the History Channel documentary, Comanche Warrior. That was filmed in the southern Black Hills. He also played Crazy Horse in another documentary on the History Channel called Investigating History and portrayed an Apache warrior in the 2011 film Cowboys and Aliens.

With all of that said, it’s pretty safe to say that the resume of Mo Brings Plenty speaks for itself. And now with his status growing thanks to his role on Yellowstone, more and more fans are getting to know him. The star actor took to social media on Sunday evening to let fans know when the new Yellowstone episode would be coming on.

“Yellowstone Season 4 continues tonight at 8/7c, exclusively on Paramount Network. #YellowstoneTV #Paramount”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Call Mo Brings Plenty Their Favorite Character

If you have been watching Yellowstone since the very beginning, then there is no doubt that you probably have your own favorite character. Or, heck, maybe you have a couple of favorites. If social media is any indication, it looks like Mo Brings Plenty’s character might rank pretty high on that list.

“I saw and loved the whole part you did Mo,” one fan wrote in the comments. “It’s so amazing on how Native Americans do their rituals.”

“Mo is one of my favorites! You make this show better!” responded another fan.

Other replies included things like, “Mo is my favorite character on Yellowstone. He has a steadiness that keeps everything grounded,” and “This episode truly brought tears to my eyes. Was done with such respect and heart. Thank you.”

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