‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want To See More of This ‘Type’ of Flashback

by Thad Mitchell

There are only two episodes left in the fourth season of the hit show “Yellowstone” and fans are eager to see what happens.

In addition to wanting to see what the future of “Yellowstone” holds, some fans would like to take a look at the past as well. The show has used flashbacks in previous seasons to show fans how we have come to this point. Some flashbacks in the past have shown us how Evelyn Dutton died and how John Dutton’s father taught him the ranching lifestyle. Through other various flashbacks, we have learned how Rip Wheeler was taken in by the Dutton family at a young age. We’ve learned the source of Beth Dutton’s hatred of her brother, Jamie Dutton, and why she can no longer bear children.

These flashbacks have been valuable tools to show us how “Yellowstone” Ranch came to be what it is today. Could we get more flashbacks before season four concludes next week? It surely cannot be factored out.

“Yellowstone” fans would certainly love for the show to give us more flashback scenes. In a recent Reddit post, fans clamor for more flashback scenes and a deeper dive into the history of “Yellowstone” Ranch. We have seen several flashbacks this season but they have mostly gone back deep in the past to 1883. The “1883” spinoff has been prominent in the current season as we look at how the Duttons came to Montana.

“I miss the flashbacks with Gretchen Mol and Josh Lucas,” a Redditor says. “I thought they did a great job with casting Lucas. He sounds so much like Costner. I want more of that backstory,”

Numerous “Yellowstone” agree with this sentiment, calling for the flashback scenes to return.

“I would like to learn more about the history,” another says.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four has Just Two Episodes Left

Excitement is building among the “Yellowstone” fan base as season four is quickly nearing the end. Watchers have their fingers crossed that we will get more backstory in these final episodes.

“The flashbacks were something that made me so excited about the show initially,” another Redditor says. “I loved the idea that while we were exploring this story in real-time, we would get these glimpses into the past that would help explain why these people were the way they were. And having actors like Josh Lucas and Gretchen Mol made me think they’d definitely be used more. I thought they’d even bring back Dave Annable in flashbacks so we’d find out more about Lee.”

It would be great to learn more about the Dutton family’s long history and life on the “Yellowstone” Ranch. With the season finale just a week ahead, you can bet we are in for an exciting finish.