‘Yellowstone’ Favorites: Beth Dutton Crosses Paths with Roarke Morris for First Time

by Kayla Zadel

Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) is obviously going to be included in a “Yellowstone” favorite list. The cutthroat daughter of ranching mogul, John Dutton, is often saying things that make fans turn their heads.

In this scene from “Freight Train and Monsters” in Season 3, newcomer Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway), tests Beth’s whit and temper. This is how things play out. Beth doesn’t let fans down as she gives Season 3 newcomer a tongue lashing.

Beth Dutton is driving in her Mercedes when she spots Roarke in the river. That immediately brings her to stop her sports car and address the situation.

“I gotta go. Some a–hole’s standing in our river,” she tells the person on the other end of the phone. Beth gets out of her car, walks to the bridge railing and starts telling the fisherman that he’s trespassing.

Roarke, who fans soon learn is the point man for Market Equities, ignites the situation by telling Beth “huh?” over and over again. She gets frustrated and yells, “Get out of our f–king river.”

Then all of a sudden Roarke can hear Beth. “I can’t, that’d be trespassing,” he answers. Beth doesn’t back down from any fight and so she climbs the wooden fence, walks down the bank of the river, and scales rocks all in her high-heels.

The two continue to exchange digs at one another, what might seem like it’s flirting for the barb-wired banker. However, fans soon learn that Roarke isn’t a love interest of Beth’s. He’s an enemy that soon becomes the main storyline in the third season.

“Both sides of the river are private property,” she tells Roarke. He replies, “I know, that’s why I can’t get out.”

That prompts the question of how the slick-talking fisherman got in the river. He tells Beth that he walked down the river to the spot he found to fish in. Beth Dutton isn’t buying what this man is selling. However, Roarke isn’t getting the hint and asks Beth to dinner. She turns him down with just a “no.” But follows it up with, “Just stay off our f–cking land, okay?”

“Yes ma’am,” Roarke answers. “I’ll stay off your f–cking land. I promise.”

Beth Dutton Continues to Butt Heads with Roarke Morris

This land battle is just the beginning of the war between the Duttons and the company Roarke Morris works for, Market Equities.

The new enemy might promise to stay off the Dutton’s land, but it’s what he doesn’t promise. Roarke and Market Equities try and take the land from the Duttons in Season 3. However, viewers are left with a major cliffhanger at the end of the third season.

But fans won’t have to wait much long to find out what happens in not only the land-feud, but also to the Dutton family.