‘Yellowstone’ Favorites: John Dutton and Tate Talk About Dreams Under Night Sky

by Kayla Zadel

Sometime’s there are only lessons that a grandpa can teach his grandchildren. In this touching video between John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his grandson, Tate (Brecken Merrill), John imparts some wisdom on his prodigy.

The two are sitting next to the campfire at the summer camp. John agrees to take Tate with him to the remote location, after Tate’s mother, Monica (Kelsey Asbille) asks her father-in-law to do so. Tate is suffering from nightmares after being kidnapped by the militia on orders from the Beck brothers.

Tate hears wolves howling in the woods and tries to runoff. John grabs his grandson and tells him something that hopefully he’ll remember for the rest of his life. There’s nothing like learning about dreams under the big Montana night sky.

Watch this favorite “Yellowstone” scene.

John Dutton Explains Dreams

John Dutton tells his grandson that the wolf is out there, calling to his friends so they always know where he is. Tate asks if the wolf is scared, sticking with the theme of the episode. The ranch owner tells Tate that wolves don’t get scared, because it’s in their genes.

Tate opens up to his grandfather and tells him that he has nightmares. John Dutton’s face says it all. It’s a look of guilt and empathy for the small child that washes over his face. He asks Tate, “You wanna to talk about them?”

“Well, I’m in that room,” Tate starts, “the floor just disappears, and I fall, I keep falling. I scream, no sound comes out. No one hears me. So no one comes to help me.”

“You know what dreams are?” John questions his grandson before he gives him some advice. “It’s your memories and your imagination mixed all together into this soup of what’s real, what’s made up. But the thing about this soup is, that you can change the ingredients, Tate. You can put in whatever you want to. Any memory, any fantasy.”

“You can be a baseball star who opens Christmas presents all day long,” John says. (Maybe a casual nod at his previous roles here, Taylor Sheridan?) “So when you close your eyes later, decide what you’re going to dream, and that’ll be the dream.”

Will Dutton’s Dream Continue?

Fans of the hit TV series, “Yellowstone,” are left wondering if the fourth-generation rancher is going to make it after getting shot several times. John was trying to help a family that pulled over on the side of the road with a flat tire.

John Dutton took gunfire from a van that pulled up alongside him with masked men. As the third season comes to a close, it looks like John just might make it, thanks to one little clue that avid fans are pointing out.

John just came from a meeting over a land dispute, once again. It’s when these targeted hits take place against the Dutton family. Additionally, two of John’s children are attacked as well.

Fans are eagerly waiting to find out if their favorite characters make it to season 4. They don’t have to wait much longer as the fourth season is coming this June.