‘Yellowstone’ Hot Take: Fans Make Case for Why Jimmy Is ‘Best Character’

by Thad Mitchell

One of the many reasons we love the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is because of all the wonderful characters.

If you were to ask a handful of “Yellowstone” fans who their favorite character is — you would likely get several different answers. Some fans would say their favorite character is Rip Wheeler for his ruthless nature and loyalty. Some would say their favorite character is the always-sassy Beth Dutton because of her fearless attitude and desire to lead. Others may say their favorite character is Lloyd or Teeter or Kayce or even Jamie. There are no wrong answers to this question, but chances are you have a particular character pegged as your favorite.

Despite who you may rank as your favorite character, almost every “Yellowstone” fan will have Jimmy somewhere on the list. How can you not love Jimmy? The poor guy catches nothing but bad luck, yet always finds a way to make lemonade out of lemons. The ranch hand was jettisoned off to Texas where he is now working at the famous Four Sixes Ranch. To no one’s surprise, Jimmy turned on the charm in a recent episode and now has a new girlfriend in veterinarian Emily. In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans discuss their fondness for the quirky but lovable character.

“Jimmy is by far the best character,” a Reddit user proclaims. “He has developed over the course of the show. Season after season he becomes a better person.”

You’ll get no argument here from us at Outsider — we are big-time Jimmy fans. From a former drug addict to a legitimate cowboy, Jimmy’s storyline is one of the best things about “Yellowstone.”

“Jimmy is a character you want to root for,” another fan notes. “Jimmy wants to be a better cowboy and man.”

‘Yellowstone’ Look Forward To Spinoff That Will Feature Jimmy

You may have noticed that we’re spending a lot of time away from “Yellowstone” Ranch this season. The scenes showing Jimmy adjusting to life on the Four Sixes Ranch are terrific and will set the foundation for the “6666” spinoff.

“He’s visibly getting better at something,” another Redditor points out. “They had to duct tape him to s horse at the beginning. He was always falling off. Losing his hat. Always dressed like he randomly pulled a shirt off a rack at goodwill.”

Now, we are seeing the evolution of little Jimmy Hurdstrom — and we love every second of it

“Look at him now,” the Reddit user continues. “He rides well and with confidence. Knows the cowboy lingo and how to do the job. He looks the part with his new uniform shirt and a nice hat. Though the spurs out on a date were a bit much. He fits in with those professional as fuck cowboys at 6666. He has come a really really long way.”

We’ll see where Jimmy’s journey takes him in these last two episodes.