‘Yellowstone’: How John Dutton Can Use Major Character Death to His Advantage

by Jonathan Howard

In the last episode of Yellowstone, we saw a major death that is going to have consequences for John Dutton and his gubernatorial run.

Of course, when you want to see what fans are thinking, the best place to go is to Reddit. Fans bounce ideas and things off of one another all the time. Now, SPOILER ALERT!!! Look away if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

After a shootout at the diner that involved John, Rip, and Sheriff Haskell, there is going to have to be a new sheriff. Although the trio took down the robbers in the restaurant, Haskell wasn’t able to make it out with his life. This puts John Dutton in a situation that could be worked to his advantage.

User, u/SmokinJoe_117 had to ask about what might be next for Dutton. “Now that John is running for Governor, what happened to those dudes asking [Kayce] to run for Governor after he became commissioner??? Wonder if that’s gonna come back into play at some point.”

In the replies, there were a lot of suggestions from Yellowstone viewers. This could be a positive for John after all. It all depends on who gets put in Haskell’s place. Will it be a pro-Dutton or anti-Dutton sheriff that is next in line?

Fans Talk About Sheriff Opening

The top reply to the Reddit post went straight to the point. There aren’t many folks that would be up for the job that is already on the show. However, there is one person that the original question mentioned that would be a great fit. At least from John’s perspective.

“I think [Kayce] is a logical Sheriff choice…” However, that wouldn’t be exactly a promotion for the commissioner.

“If Kayce becomes an actual working Sheriff,” u/7ruby18 replied. “He’ll have to have law enforcement training. If he’s just a sit-behind-the-desk type of figurehead, then he could do the job. But, we all know Kayce is a hands-on kind of person; he has to be on the front lines of dealing with a problem.”

If Kayce wants to be Sheriff, he probably could get the job without much issue. It sure would help John Dutton out if he had someone so close to him in a position of local power like that. When running in a gubernatorial race, everything counts. Any bit of support that Dutton can get will go a long way.

John Dutton Consolidates On ‘Yellowstone’

On Yellowstone, there has been a bit of a consolidation of power. John Dutton likes to have his people close to him. Family and friends. Mostly his family. His latest offer to Rip means that the Cole Hauser character is going to be living at the Dutton home.

It looks like as we head into the end of the season, John knows what he is doing. The gubernatorial race is going to be hard to win. If he is able to reach the state capital, what will that mean for the show moving forward?