‘Yellowstone’: How Much Time Has Passed in Show Since Season 1?

by Thad Mitchell

As we head into the offseason of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” fans of the show will find a way to get their fix.

A new season is still a ways off but “Yellowstone” fans are already speculating on what a fifth season might bring. Fans of the modern western will flood social media sites like Twitter and Instagram to get their “Yellowstone” on. Online forum sites, like Reddit, are also a popular hangout for “Yellowstone” watchers to discuss and share with fellow fans.

There is no doubt that the fourth “Yellowstone” season left us with a lot of questions. As many predicted, the show hit us with a plethora of twists and turns in the fourth season. Fans will be talking about this season and its ramifications for a very long time. One of the questions that “Yellowstone” fans is the timeline of events from the first season until present day. The series doesn’t reveal how much time passes between each season. Indeed the timeline has more than a few “Yellowstone” viewers puzzled. A rookie “Yellowstone” watcher brought this question to Reddit, sparking a lively discussion.

“I’m new to the show and have been binging and am already about halfway through season four,” The Reddit user says. “I know there was a weird time jump to skip over winter completely from season 2 to 3, but they didn’t act like any time had actually taken place.”

What I definitely do remember is that Lee was 38 years old when he died and was the oldest Dutton child,” the fan continues. “But in the last couple episodes I’ve watched in season 4 Jamie mentions he’s 41 and Beth mentions she’s 37. I know there’s a good bit of time but it’s not 4-6 years right.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question Time Lapse Between Seasons

There is indeed some mystery surrounding the show’s time frame of events. Some “Yellowstone” fans point out irregularities in the show’s timeline, pointing to the frequently changing seasons.

“I don’t know but sometimes it’s fall, then summer, then winter, then back to summer in the same episode,” another Reddit user says humorously.

The show doesn’t give much to go on when it comes to the timeline of events. It is possible that several years have passed since the very first season to the end of season four. It is also possible that not much time at all has passed.

Season four was jam-packed with action from the opening sequence all the way through to the end. It certainly left “Yellowstone” wanting more but until then, we’ll keep the modern west spirit alive with discussion surrounding our favorite show. Before you know it, season five will be upon us.

We can’t wait to see what the “Yellowstone” future holds.