‘Yellowstone’: If John Dutton Becomes Governor, Is This His First Move?

by Thad Mitchell

John Dutton is running for governor of Montana and if “Yellowstone” fans have anything to say about it — he’ll win in a landslide.

As we all expected, the fourth season finale of “Yellowstone” was full of twists and turns. In fact, the entire fourth season has been one big surprise after another and fans are eating it up. One of the season’s biggest surprises is John Dutton declaring his candidacy for Montana’s Governor’s office. John reluctantly throws his name in the ring after learning that current governor, Lynelle Perry, will endorse Jamie Dutton for the position. Unwilling to let his adopted son expand his political reach and influence, John tells Perry that he will take her endorsement.

It’s a last-second decision for John and it appears his only motivation is to keep Jamie from becoming governor. He immediately tries to back out of the commitment, but Beth talks him into staying in the race. John gets Perry’s endorsement and it looks like we are going to have one heck of an election season in the “Yellowstone” world.

With Montana being a big cattle ranching state, John Dutton is likely the odds-on favorite to win the governor race. it certainly won’t come easy because, well — nothing comes easy on “Yellowstone” Ranch. In a recent Reddit discussion, fans discuss what kind of governor John Dutton will be. “Yellowstone” fans think they have his first move figured out.

“He’s going to pardon that girl Summer (Higgins) and commute her sentence,” a Reddit user proclaims.

This is a more than reasonable theory as John seems to have a soft spot for the Summer, an environmental activist. Likewise, Summer has also taken a liking to John and it appears to have built a level of trust with him.

‘Yellowstone’ Wraps Season Four in Grand Fashion

“Yellowstone” fans are hoping for election drama when the show returns for a fifth season. With Beth Dutton now having all the leverage she needs over Jamie, John Dutton is most likely your next governor of Montana. But this is “Yellowstone” we are talking about here and nothing ever comes simple.

John will likely face some kind of competition for the seat. Some fans wonder if John will have what it takes to be an effective governor.

“If John becomes governor, I struggle to see him attending budget meetings,” a fan says. “Then attending opening of a new shopping Center and talking to the people at press conferences.”

John has a reason for wanting the governor’s office and that is to put a halt to Jamie’s political rise. But a governor has numerous responsibilities and obligations. He won’t be able to run the ranch and perform the duties of a governor. One will have to go.

We can’t wait to see how it plays out when “Yellowstone” returns for another season.