‘Yellowstone’: Is the ‘Train Station’ a Real Place in Wyoming?

by Jon D. B.

Does the Duttons’ infamous Yellowstone body-dumping site exist? Let’s take a look at the facts, which are always stranger than fiction. But first, be warned of spoilers for the show ahead.

Even if you haven’t watched Yellowstone at this point, you’ve no doubt heard of the train station. Or the “Long Black Train” that only runs in one direction, as Rip Wheeler tells us. In canon, the train station is a “lawless” zone between Montana and Wyoming where the Duttons go to dump their bodies; a cliff where deceased enemies are sent spiraling down to never return. It’s as grim as it sounds.

While we only ever see this location at night, it has seared itself into the minds of viewers. Could such a tremendous gray area of a place actually exist? As it turns out, the answer is yes in more ways than one.

Firstly, one fan has found what looks to be the location used to portray the actual train station in Yellowstone. Taphobay posts her footage over on TikTok to show off the view:


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It’s a dead ringer (pun intended) if not the actual location used. But as you can hear in the background, this is far from a low-traffic zone. Cars are zooming by, and no one in their right mind would use this place to dump actual bodies in Wyoming… Right?

It’s not on the side of the highway above, but there is an actual “jury-less” zone in real-life Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park, that is.

‘Zone of Death’: The Real-Life Inspiration for ‘Yellowstone’s Train Station

Posed with the same question, Wyoming’s KGAB notes that there is, in fact, a place known as the “Zone of Death” as a part of Yellowstone National Park. It’s not in Montana where the show is set, however, nor is it in Wyoming where most of the national park is. Instead, it’s in Idaho.

Part of Yellowstone National Park extends into Idaho. And it is this part that contains the ‘Zone of Death’; a 50-square-mile section of literal no-man’s-land. Despite its location in Idaho, the ‘Zone of Death’ is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court for the District of Wyoming (due to it belonging to Yellowstone National Park).

All of the above is crucial, too, because absolutely no one lives in this area. And as the Sixth Amendment to the United Government decrees: “the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed.”

Since no persons live in this 50-square-mile area… There can be no jury formed from its population. This makes it a 100% “jury-less” land. And it is this exact place that many Yellowstone fans believe inspired Taylor Sheridan’s “lawless” pocket between Montana and Wyoming on the show.