‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Says It’s an ‘Overwhelming Feeling’ That Jimmy May Be Gone for Good

by Courtney Blackann

The ending of “Yellowstone” season four was definitely bittersweet for Jimmy. He’s all grown up now and even has a fiance – but this isn’t the last of it. Jimmy makes the tough call to put the Yellowstone ranch behind him as he heads back for Texas with his love Emily. The western series’ star Jefferson White opened up about possibly never returning – and what that means for him on the show.

In the whirlwind finale, Jimmy decides he’s going to go back to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. This is after a one-on-one discussion with John Dutton. John and Jimmy speak like men for the first time as Jimmy tells him he owes it to him to stay there. But John releases him, saying he doesn’t owe anything.

This is the moment when fans realize Jimmy may never be a part of the bunkhouse ever again. And as the “Yellowstone” character gears up to leave, all the guys are waiting by his trailer to say goodbye. It’s a tear-jerk moment as each cowboy shakes Jimmy’s hand. Perhaps the most gut-wrenching part is watching Rip take him aside to tell him that cowboys don’t say goodbye. “They just say see you later,” Rip says.

Jefferson White Reflects on Jimmy Leaving the Yellowstone Ranch

In an interview with Paramount Network, White opens up about what this means for Jimmy’s future.

“They’re sort of giving him this license to make his own decision. It’s an incredible gift to Jimmy,” White says.

Cole Hauser adds, “As soon as you’re branded this is your home. You can go off and do whatever you need to do, but this will always be your home.”

“It’s an overwhelming feeling to feel like Jimmy might be departing the Yellowstone for good. But only time will tell. And only one guy can make that decision. Taylor Sheridan.”

Jimmy was in Texas throughout much of season four of “Yellowstone.” He learns to become a cowboy – and what’s more, is that he learns to become a man. Not only have Jimmy’s cowboy skills increased but he’s matured from this goofy kid to a person who understands himself and the world around him.

Additionally, Jimmy has taken on the role of fiance to Emily. And he feels a sense of responsibility to her and to their life together. It remains to be seen where the story will go or if Jimmy will just appear on the spinoff “6666.”

The “Yellowstone” finale was chalked full of drama and twists. Most notably, Jamie ended up killing his biological father in order to get out of the grip of Beth. Though this was only what she led him to believe – as she snapped a photo of him ridding the body of Garrett Randall at the notorious Train Station. We can only wait and see what becomes of our favorite Duttons next season.