‘Yellowstone’: Jimmy Has to Make a Tough Choice in Upcoming Finale

by Courtney Blackann

The day is finally here. “Yellowstone” season four will end tonight. And if the preview is anything to go off of, it’s going to be juicier than ever. Among all the chaos, Jimmy’s return to the Yellowstone ranch upends his love life with Mia and Emily. But who will stay and who will go?

Jimmy fell hard for the barrel racer Mia after she caught his eye while he was on the rodeo circuit. The brunette beauty is just as witty and she is gorgeous – and she showed true dedication after Jimmy faced serious injuries from rodeoing. Mia was with Jimmy every step of the way as he slowly recovered at the beginning of season four.

But John Dutton’s decision to send him to the 6666 Ranch in Texas seemed to seal the fate for Jimmy and Mia. She broke it off with him after he didn’t choose to stay and we last saw her packing a bag and taking off to pursue the rodeo season.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was taking a new interest in Emily, a member of the staff at the 6666 Ranch. She is equally gorgeous and intelligent, without giving Jimmy any ultimatums about rodeo or ranch. Further, as Jimmy’s time in Texas comes to a close, Emily tells him that she will wait for him if he asks – which he does just before the last episode ended. They embrace in a heated kiss and that’s all we’re left with.

Until now. Because the finale preview shows an angry Mia telling Jimmy to choose who he wants. But it doesn’t appear to be a grown-up kind of conversation. Like everything else “Yellowstone,” the drama is intense and the emotions are high.

Jimmy will have to decide if his history with Mia is more important than his budding new relationship with Emily.

The two-hour season finale of “Yellowstone” airs tonight on Paramount Network beginning at 8 p.m. Central Time. This is going to be an ending you won’t want to miss.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Auditioned for Role of Kayce

Interestingly, Jefferson White read for the role of Kayce before he became the Jimmy we all know and love. He says he knew right away that the character wasn’t for him, but he still read for the part anyway.

“The role of Kayce, that’s an incredible part, but I also sort of recognized right away, that’s not me,” White recounted. “So what I did was, I loved the script so much and I knew I wasn’t quite right for the part, so I went through the script looking for anything else that fit. So I immediately sort of connected with Jimmy. That really felt kind of right down the middle for me, you know, just a sort of guy trying desperately to keep up, a guy who’s in over his head, and sort of trying to survive in a world that’s very new to him. That really resonated with me.”