‘Yellowstone’ Features John Prine’s ‘Caravan of Fools’ as Episode 3 Ends

by Joe Rutland

Sunday night’s Yellowstone episode on the Paramount Network featured John Prine singing “Caravan of Fools” as it ended.

Prine’s song comes off of his 2018 album, “The Tree of Forgiveness.”

The Yellowstone Twitter account sent this out as an action-packed third episode finished.

“And we’ll end the episode with John Prine’s “Caravan Of Fools.” #YellowstoneTV“.

Prine performs “Caravan of Fools” in this video from an appearance on National Public Radio.

“The Tree of Forgiveness” was the last album Prine released before his death on April 7, 2020.

‘Yellowstone’ Songwriter Prine Got Hotel Room To Finish His Final Album

According to his website, Prine’s wife reserved a room at the Omni Hotel in Nashville for a week.

“After nearly 50 years on the road, hotel rooms are a familiar enough sight. Following two bellmen to his suite, Prine settled in with four guitars and 10 boxes of legal pads to complete the album that would become The Tree of Forgiveness,” the article from the website reads.

“I said, ‘If anybody sees me checking into the Omni, they’ll figure Fiona and I are on the outs,'” Prine recounts with a sly laugh. “I grabbed my stuff just as fast as I could. She knows that after being on the road so many years, I function better in a hotel, so that’s what I did. I ordered room service and worked and watched my quiz shows. No pressure. This way, if I wanted to write at 3 in the morning, or 3 in the afternoon, I could. I’d go out to the swimming pool and go eat at the steakhouse.”

Yellowstone returns next Sunday night on the Paramount Network.

A Season 4 Premiere Moment Happened That May Have Big Implications

Did you catch the premiere episodes of Yellowstone? They were really busy with storylines.

The show’s two-part premiere laid the groundwork for Season 4 in a big way, with this one reveal changing everything. And as always, be warned of massive Yellowstone Season 4 spoilers moving forward.

Episode 1 was kind of a continuation of Season 3. But Episode 2 set up the story moving forward in a big way. One specific scene, in particular, felt like a footnote at the time, but as fans have been discussing in the time since – it may be the most important scene in the two-part premiere as a whole.

Getting straight to the point is u/talesofkenji over on Reddit’s Yellowstone board. “So, the buried elder from the flashback scene is obviously the archeologically important find that shuts down construction,” the Redditor states. They acknowledge there’s a healthy dose of “speculation” in their statement, but it rings true.

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