‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly Says Beth Dutton ‘Really Wants’ Family With Carter and Rip ‘To Work Out’

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly knows Beth Dutton better than anyone, with the possible exception of series co-creator Taylor Sheridan. And she says what would make Beth truly happy is for the little family she’s assembled – her, Rip (Cole Hauser) and Carter (Finn Little) – to work out.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen Season 4 yet and don’t want to know what happens, read no further.

As Rip said to Beth when the three of them were gathered at the table, sharing a meal: “This makes you happy, doesn’t it?” (He went on to observe that Beth has “got a mean streak like a f—ing badger.”)  

In a new interview with TV Line, Reilly talked about Beth’s hopes and dreams, and the family dynamics that could lead to tragedy or a fairytale ending.

“She’s playing it cool, but she really wants it to work out,” Reilly said.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Says Sheridan May Have ‘Other Plans’ for Beth

Worryingly for Beth, Reilly hinted that Sheridan may have more twists and turns in store for her character. Beth is a force of will, and in the business world, she’s used to getting what she wants. But can she wrangle a happy family life out of Rip and Carter? In the end, it’s up to Sheridan.

“We’ve had a little window into seeing her potential for real happiness,” Reilly said. “I’m not saying that domestic bliss is necessarily real happiness, but it’s a tonic to the life that she’s had. And it’s really lovely to see Beth happy. Does it last for very long? Because Taylor Sheridan has other plans for Beth, it’s questionable.”

“But she does want it to work out,” the “Yellowstone” star added. “She sees that for Rip, it would be wonderful for him to have a kid in his life that is similar to him [at that age].”

Will Rip Take to Carter?

Rip’s introduction to Carter was not exactly auspicious. Beth told Rip she wouldn’t order Carter to leave, but it was up to Rip to do so if that was what he really wanted. Rip made clear that it was by promptly dragging Carter out to his truck to drop him off near town.

But no sooner had Rip left Carter by the side of the road than he felt a twinge of regret. He backed up and confronted Carter again, this time telling the kid to ask for a job. That Rip could allow.

With his new employee in tow, Rip returned to the ranch, gruffly determined to teach Carter some manners. Yet we’re already seeing some differences between Beth and Rip over how to treat Carter. Rip, naturally, favors the stern approach. Beth sees that Carter has nothing but the shirt on his back and could use at least a change of clothes. Unfortunately, as she soon discovers, it’s not so easy to manage a middle-school kid with behavior problems.

How long Rip will tolerate Carter remains to be seen. The Dutton enforcer is brittle around the youth, quick to anger and slow to see the potential there. But for his part, Hauser has already teased a “wonderful relationship” that brings out a new side of Rip.

“Yellowstone” fans will just have to tune in to the Paramount Network on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET to find out if their little family will survive.