‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly Teases Major Bombshell Beth Could Drop on Rip

by Thad Mitchell

Hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” isn’t exactly your classic romance story but it does have its tender moments.

A great deal of these tender moments come from the “Yellowstone” love connection between Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton. The fourth season has the love birds taking on a new challenge that may or may not work out in the end. Parenting is not for the weak at heart and no one in the history of the world has said parenting is easy and meant it.

The same applies to Rip and Beth as they try to create a family with “Yellowstone” newcomer Carter, played by Finn Little. It appears the happy couple is going to give the unorthodox family they have created their best shot. But as we saw in the most recent episode, it isn’t going to be exactly a smooth ride. In the episode, Beth learns just how hard it can be to deal with a teenage child that wants what they want and wants it now. Beth becomes pretty ticked off at Carter on a shopping trip and now a wrench has been thrown into the “happy” family workings.

Can Beth and Rip serve as makeshift parents to the recently orphaned Carter? It certainly appears they’re digging in and will try to make it work. In a recent interview with TV Line, Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly talks about the changing dynamics between Beth and Rip. Interestingly, Reilly says that her character could be keeping a dark secret from her future husband.

“Well, she has a secret, doesn’t she, that Rip doesn’t know about,” Reilly says. “He knows that she can’t have children, but he doesn’t know why.”

That isn’t all…

“Rip also doesn’t know she was pregnant with his child,” Reilly continues. “So she’s thinking a day might come when he might find out or she will tell him. One would say she should tell him.”

Oh boy — buckle up because this one just might be a bumpy “Yellowstone” ride.

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Says Beth is Keeping a Secret From Rip

We all know the story behind Beth’s infertility. After getting pregnant at a young age, her brother, Jamie Dutton, takes her to get the pregnancy terminated. The procedure, which Jamie agreed to, renders Beth without the ability to bear children.

Rip does not know that Jamie is the reason his future wife can not have his child. If he happens to find out — that could make for a very sticky situation. But this isn’t the only secret that Beth has.

Should Rip learn of the truth, the consequences could be quite severe for Jamie. Could a trip to the train station be in his near future? It definitely cannot be ruled out.

“Yellowstone” fans cannot wait to see how this scenario unfolds as season four rolls along.