‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Asks What Fans Thought About Season 4 Premiere

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone icon Kevin Costner wants to know what fans thought of Season 4’s riveting premiere, and the responses are pouring in.

As Kevin Costner himself once said, he’s been “playing the cowboy” for a long, long time. Isn’t that the goal after you’ve found your calling? The Hollywood legend certainly has, and his John Dutton is simply the latest in a long line of iconic performances. Costner anchors Yellowstone with a timeless gravitas that (arguably) no one else could. Which is exactly why fans – and even a few castmates – are so quick to respond when he asks for thoughts on the return of cable’s #1 drama.

“So, what’d you think?” Costner asks on his official Kevin Costner and the Modern West Instagram. Yellowstone‘s own official account holds the top comment with three applause emojis. But it’s co-star Hassie Harrison (i.e. “bunkhouse beauty” Laramie) that hits the nail on the head:

“I think you’re the GOAT,” Harrison responds with a goat emoji. For those playing the home game, GOAT is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time. And that Kevin Costner absolutely is.

Costner includes an excellent hero shot of himself in character as John Dutton, too, which you can see above or over on his Instagram.

To it and his prompt, fan Claudia replies “Hands down so worth the waiting.”

That it was. Which is good, considering the year-and-a-half it took for Yellowstone to return to television. That’s an eternity in the entertainment industry, and it speaks volumes of the show’s quality – and the passion of the fanbase – that excitement remains as high as it is all these months on.

Follower Toula sums this up in far fewer words with “Best season premiere of any show.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Finally Know the Fate of John Dutton

But unlike Cole Hauser’s own post in which he asks fans the same question, Costner’s fans are much less forthcoming with spoilers. It’s a good thing, to be sure, as the two-part premiere isn’t even 24 hours old yet. Be warned, however, that massive spoilers for the Season 4 premiere are ahead as we touch on why the fans above were so riveted by the premiere.

In Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 1, “Half the Money,” crows circle in the bright blue sky above John Dutton. He’s dying. And for well over a year, fans had no way of knowing if his bullet-stopping cellphone truly did save his life.

But save him it did. With his last bit of consciousness, John etches out the description of the van that gunned him down onto the pavement with his own blood. Then Rip Wheeler appears.

Through coordination with his son, Kayce, John’s life is saved. But the two-part premiere shows a long, uphill battle for the patriarch – and he’s not going down without a fight. The Dutton boss is reborn anew with a reinvigorated passion for saving his Yellowstone Ranch and dying way of life. And we cannot wait to see what happens next.