‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Discusses His Earliest Memory of a National Park

by Atlanta Northcutt

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner reminisces on his first memories of visiting national parks, and the moment he remembers falling in love with their majestic beauty.

Kevin Costner is a strong believer in protecting national parks. The Yellowstone actor is true to his character on the new ABC show National Parks that he developed and co-wrote, along with Aaron Helbing and author Jon Baird. The one-hour drama focuses on a group of special agents working for the Investigative Services Branch, or ISB, of the National Parks Service, according to Variety.

Kevin Costner Preserves Nature In New Show

The elite force protects the National Parks by “solving the most complex and heinous crimes committed within the diverse and majestic National Parks of the ISB’s Pacific West region.”

Kevin Costner is passionate about preserving nature and the lands inside national parks which are meant to safely protect the natural environments. When someone develops an entire show focusing on that mission, you know they have a background story that brought about their passion for creating better maintenance of these national treasures.

“Yellowstone” Actor First Falls In Love With Nature

The actor, who plays the main role of John Dutton on the hit Paramount series Yellowstone. He recalls his first memory of visiting a national park. Costner was so young that he was barely able to walk. However, Kevin Costner still remembers the smell of the trees and the glorious views.

“My earliest memory of a national park was Sequoia,” he recalls. “I was very young, and I couldn’t articulate things, but I felt like I remembered that we drove through a tree. And then I tried to walk around a tree. I was just learning how to walk, and it took forever to get around these big Sequoias.”

“And there was that smell,” he adds with a smile.

Traveling To National Parks And Seeing The Beauty

He spoke about the life-changing moments with HearHere. The podcast focuses on providing nature lovers with the perfect listening experience for every location they travel to.

“The economics of my family and our vacation was rent-a-car,” Kevin Costner explains. “They took us to the backside of the Sierras. We camped in a tent with the Coleman stove, and we fished in a little stream.”

The award-winning actor states that he doesn’t think he had ever stayed in a hotel until his late 20s. He enjoyed nature so much that he’d rather stay outdoors enjoying the sights and smells than sit inside.

One moment changed the Yellowstone actor’s life forever and granted him the gift of his deep passion for natural landscapes.

“Then there was Yosemite,” says Costner. “I walked out into the meadow, and there were kids playing there. My eyes took me up to Half Dome, and I thought this might be heaven.”

Kevin Costner poignantly explains how the smell and exploration of the Sequoias and the majestic granite dome towering high above a clean, fresh meadow granted him the feeling of contentment, adventure, and love of the land.