‘Yellowstone’: Major Character Reveals Pregnancy in Episode 8

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight’s episode of Yellowstone has delivered a big update for the Dutton and Long families. Be warned, spoilers are aplenty coming up. Well, it will be delivered in 9 months that is.

Monica Dutton is pregnant again and that means that young Tate is getting a sibling. This news is huge, adding another member to the Dutton family. Already there have been all kinds of reactions on Twitter as fans are celebrating and questioning what this means for the future.

As Yellowstone fans know, Kayce and Monica haven’t always had an easy marriage. However, they have done their best to make things work. Now, with another pregnancy on the way it should be time for celebration! It also means that Tate is going to get a new arc as a big brother, which could be interesting moving forward.

Fans were excited!

One viewer on Twitter took a liking to Tate’s outstanding quote after he learned the news. This one is relatable for many older siblings who had to babysit younger brothers and sisters.

Not everyone is celebrating though. There are some concerned Yellowstone fans. With all that happens on the Dutton ranch, it is hard to imagine that things for Kayce and Monica are going to be 100% smooth from here on out.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Asking About the Future

Okay, so let’s put it this way. There is a lot of death on the Dutton ranch. While that might be getting out too far ahead of the curve, it isn’t crazy to think that Monica might have some unfortunate happenings as the season heats up in the final weeks of the season.

Some Yellowstone fans just can’t help but wonder if this news of new life means that another could soon be on the way out.

However, Tatum on Twitter is thinking of something else entirely. This news is great and all, but they just can’t help but wonder what is going to happen with Avery and that storyline? Well, we just aren’t sure.

Yellowstone keeps throwing curveballs and fans love it every single time. This wasn’t the only surprise of the night.

Crucial Character Killed at End of Episode

Among the other major events that happened in this episode, there was a big moment to end. Sheriff Haskel was shot and killed by some robbers at the diner. John and Rip took care of them, but Haskel suffered a fatal wound.

A lot of big news in this episode and fans went crazy for it. Yellowstone showed us new life is coming, but it also took life as the episode came to an end. A never-ending give and take. There is no way to know what comes next.